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located in "Infinity", a part of The Infinity Realm, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Location: Land of Eternal Winter
Time: 8:15 AM

There were whispers. The rumbling of men, the twittering of housewives. 'A girl', they said. 'A girl comes from the night.'

'Should we kill her, just to be safe?'


'I dunno.'

Haruka's eyes widened as she looked around her, though she never was the best when it came to paying attention, she was all ears when it came to the whispers of possibly killing her. What was so wrong with her that they felt the need to kill her? Just because she had wondered into an unknown town? "H-Hey! I didn't even do anything wrong!" Haruka defended herself, twisting and turning as her eyes shrinked slightly as fear sparked through her body, slowly but surely. These people... Why did they look so... Odd? The hell was she anyway?

"Doesn't matter." A man mumbled, only to be elbowed sharply by an old woman. The crone tutted, eyeing the stranger suspiciously. "Dark times, these. We can't trust just anyone comes a'walking in from the snow. 'Specially with the lord the way he is."

The crowd instantly turned on the hag. 'Shh, don't tell,' some whispered. 'Terrible losses, bad to speak of it....'

'Dark times? A lord?' Haruka raised an eyebrow. How could she even get herself mixed up into something like this? Worry, not for herself, but for the people around her and this so called 'Lord' slowly took over her better judgement with a small sigh. "What's... What's wrong with your lord, maybe I can help..." Haruka offered, "Oh, and I'm... I'm Haruka." She was quick to add it in, simply trying to defuse the situation at this point by offering her assistance.

Silence, followed by an explosion of murmurings. The mob clustered in on itself, clearly discussing some new idea. Only a couple fragments could be heard from the white-static of the conversation. 'Get rid of her...', 'he needs-...-wake him up...', '...the others never came back...', and '-unsure, should we?'. It took a bit, but the villagers reached a consensus. The old woman approached Haruka once more. She gave the young girl a stern, crinkly-eyed stare.

"You're a strange one... tell you what, you earn your keep, girlie, and we'll do you well. If you're sure, follow me." She crooked a wrinkled finger, and began walking away. In the distance, an almost oriental-looking fortress loomed over the modest village. The old woman pointed towards the manor.

Her gaze was unreadable. "The lord sleeps, girl. Ya need to set him free."

'I'm strange?' Haruka forced her lips into a straight line as she nodded and followed the old woman. The manor itself had a certain look about it that just drew Haruka to it. Perhaps maybe, because it was simply a large looking thing. As the old women pointed, Haruka looked over to her in utter confusion. "But... Can't he wake up on his own? You make it sound like an evil witch put a curse on him or something..." Haruka objected before looking back over to the manor.

The old woman had no words for a moment. "...perhaps that's a good way of thinkin' of it. The lord's room is the master bedroom, middle o' the manor. Ya can't miss it. All hallways lead there. If ya feel tired, keep walkin'. The sleep starts about... now." She stopped, and turned to this... Haruka. "I go no further. Girl, this is a dangerous job. Don't touch the lord's skin. Just give him a good shake through the covers, start talkin' to him. Don't let him drift off."

"A-Alright." Haruka nodded firmly, shaking together the odd sensation of being dozy as she continued her march towards the manor, hands clutching the backpack tightly as she looked back once towards the mob before she pushed open the doors in front of her.

Walking inside slowly, Haruka shuttered at the odd sensation of the warmth of being within a residence. Letting out another yawn, Haruka eyed her surroundings carefully.

People, presumably servants, were slumped over every which way. Of course, there weren't too many of them... but they were there. Like they'd just passed out where they were standing, even in the middle of preforming tasks. The place was utterly desolate. Everything was still; these supposedly living people might as well be dead. Without any people to maintain the heating, the air carried a certain chill.

A silence, laced with sleep, hung heavy in the air. It... rippled, in a way. Like how heat waves mirages on pavement. It beckoned, and blurred.

Haruka rubbed her eyes as she went up the staircase, looking for a room, or something that would sign as the Lord's room. The best chance would be to crack open doors, peep inside them... But whatever happened to these people, Haruka was most certainly feeling it now...

leaning against the wall for a brief moment, Haruka let out a long breath, she couldn't go to sleep now. She had something to do, and she'd be damned if she didn't do it. Quicken her pace, Haruka began to fight back with the urge to sleep, opening doors and looking inside them for anyone at all whom would look like a Lord, or was living in luxury as one would say.

Opening one of the doors, Haruka tilted her head. Why was a man... Wearing a mask in his sleep?

The sleepy fog in this room was nearly tangible, practically flickering in the air like thousands of finely-strung cobwebs. At the center of it all was a young man, who was indeed wearing a mask to bed; bone-white and stained with red. Possibly in the image of some sort of animal? From what could be seen, he was dressed only in a plain sleeping yukata. The majority of his form was buried under a mound of covers, as if the sleeper had made an effort to cocoon himself beforehand.

Getting to him might be difficult.

Letting out some kind of groan, Haruka mentally had to kick herself before marching into what was most likely certain "death" territory. Her eyes desperately wanted to shut, it felt like she suddenly hadn't slept in days but... Haruka frowned at the thought of sleeping like this. She most certainly didn't need to sleep until she figured out what she was even doing in this world.

Striding at a slower pace, Haruka began to pull of the blankets, dropping the bundles onto the floor next to her until the man only had one blanket left on him. Beginning to shake him through the blanket like the old women instructed, Haruka began to rise her silent voice. "Hey! Wake up! It's time to get moving!" Haruka tried her best to imitate her mother's way of doing it, but one this was for sure, her last resort was dumping ice cold water on him.

The hazy aura that filled the entire house flickered, before slowly, slowly curl in on itself. Like a night-blossom closing with the rising of the sun, with petals spun of sleep. It was a delicate act, culminating with a graceful closing into the master. The absence of the aura was immediately noticeable, the rooms brightened, and it was like the entire building simultaneously sucked in a breath of fresh air. All the cobwebs were blown away.

A single finger resting atop the bedding gave a feeble twitch, and a tiny groan escaped the confines of the mask.