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Snippet #2478248

located in World of Väshar, a part of Aurora, one of the many universes on RPG.

World of Väshar



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The young woman had never in her life, had such a bad night worth of sleep. The constant love making between patron and prostitute echoing through the inn was enough to wish dragon flames upon the whole place. As the young woman wondered down stairs she looked like a member of the Thanatos. Dark rings under her eyes, seemed to be in contrast to her once brilliant green eyes. Everyone minded to keep their distance this time. Mariam was an ogre in the morning and even worse when she lacked the proper sleep.

With a loud chuckle the innkeeper would ask, "My women keeping you up all night?" A glare washed over her expression, earning him a chill down his spine. Losing his jovial tone, he would clear his throat.

"When does the ship leave to go north?" Her tone carried a warning. Mariam's gaze never swayed, despite the innkeeper's attempts of cheering her up with a hot plate of scrambled eggs with bits of bacon on it.

"In an hour", he assure her. "The meal is on me... I do try and keep my customers happy here at the Dancing Drake." The man reaches down to grab a rag from under the bar counter and begins to clean it off with haste.

Mariam nodded as she dug in. She still flipped the man a silver coin. The woman wouldn't hold him responsible for others actions. After all this was a place of business.

Mariam made her way to the docks before her ship was to depart. Again, fortune did not smile upon her as she became lost very quickly. The young female paced the docks through the crowd. Unaware she had missed the sailing ship headed towards the Amazi territory. Finally she had found a ship that looked like the ones her adoptive father described. She spoke with the broad first mate. It was clear he was an Amazi with his brilliant white hair and sea touched, colored eyes. Being a free person the man treated her with some respect. His brilliant smile gave her false relief.

"Is this ship bound for Amazi Territory?" Her voice quivered with frustration and it was easy to see she was lost.

"Maybe", he entertained. His eyes scanning over the young woman. Her body language indicating she was unaware of what his thoughts were behind his words.

"Maybe? How can it be a maybe....? It's either bound for the country or not."

His voice cracked with a chuckle. "This ship is for... 'special' patrons. Do you have the coin to sail with us?"

Mariam wrinkled her nose. "I really need to get there... Vega, is probably pissed by now. Especially since I haven't shown up yet...", she mumbled to herself.

"Vega? Vega, the Bear Hunter?" The Amazi first mate, questioned after catching her quiet tone over the loud echos of other sailors upon the dock.

Mariam nodded. "He's a friend to my adoptive father. I was suppose to meet him and see the rest of his village. I wanted to see the great white bears of his land." Her smile was filled with joy. It couldn't be helped. Stories from her father had her eyes wide open for most the night when she was child; daydreaming the day she would see such a massive beast for herself.

The first mate's smile would fade into a frown. If what the girl said was true, then it wouldn't be worth the risk to take her. An Amazi fleet would not be something anyone wished to face. Vega was known for his cruelty towards others who threatened friends and family. He, being an Amazi himself, would not be spared and probably face a worse fate then his captain if caught. "This ship is not for you... The ship you need has already probably sailed since you are on the east side of the docks. What I would recommend you do is buy passage onto the Red Maiden bound for Eldur territory. You'll know it, when you see it. The ship is as black as the night sky and sails the color of blood. When you get there, board any boat headed towards any other land but here. Pretty things such as yourself, without any family or contacts, don't last long." His cold tone, sent a chill down her spine.

Mariam nodded and stepped away. Confused, a soft thank you would be spoke for the First Mate's ears to hear. He'd nod. A friend to the Amazi, will always find help amongst them. That was their code. Even in the 'Free City.'