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located in Two Worlds, a part of Imaginary: Into the Otherworld, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Winnie paced, muttering. "Humans... why can't I just forget about them!? Why can't imaginaries have lives without help from some untrustworthy traitors? It's not fair!" She leans against a tree and slides to the ground, putting a hand to her forehead. Instead of legs, her torso drops off at the bottom of the hips and it lightly flutters. "Wait! Helena!" She gets up and walks to a cave, swooping inside. A large blue crystal juts out of the wall. It glows softly. Wyn stares at it, mesmerized. "Okay." She lifts a hand to it.

Winnie's voice would appear in Helena's head. "Helena. I'm lonely. Why did they leave? What did I do wrong? Atzy must have been doing it better than me, because he has you. I messed up. Big-time." She sighs. "I wish they could come back. Will you visit my realm tomorrow night? I'll bring you back."