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located in Two Worlds, a part of Imaginary: Into the Otherworld, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Helena paused in mid-step. Like a sort of warping static in her brain. It erupted up out of nowhere before forming into words. A voice she recognized.

-"Look uh, I can;t talk now." she stated.
-"I'll be there after school, we can talk it out properly then, okay?"

She didn't... trust Wyn. Whilst the entity was, perhaps, less hostile that some of the other imaginaries, none of them other than her own could really be trusted. What they wanted more than anything was to get their creators back, and anything else sort of came in second. She was wary that this may be another of their nasty little plans.

She looked round, catching sight of someone, one of her five targets, and smiled.
That was easy enough.
"Avery!" she called, lifting a hand hand waving, causing the loose fitting sleeve of the sweater to slip down.
She jogged over, the motion shaking the toy around, making its ears bounce, as she approached the young man and his friends. She stood before them, and spoke with complete sincerity on the matter.

"Avery...hey...I need to talk to you. Like, right now. They say that you need to come back to otherworld. I should be mad you know..for all the stuff you've said about me over the years, but I'm not anymore...not if you come back."