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located in "Infinity", a part of The Infinity Realm, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Fourteenth
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Location | Ocean District

Time of Day | Morning {7:45 A.M.}

Song of the Day | Amelie- Comptine D' un Autre Ete

Fourth played a beautiful tune, engulfing the whole room in its hypnotizing sound. The peaceful music could be heard throughout the Sin's manor, causing the workers and servants to pause in awe. The room which Fourth spent most of his time in, wasn't very big, nor was there very much inside this room. The design was quite simple and didn't call for extra extravagance, as it would only go to waste. In this white room, there was only a mirror covered wall, a black piano, and a black piano bench. Nothing more, nothing less.

During the mornings was the time Fourth awoke from his slumber, and began to play his piano. Maybe it was the sound of the keys or the way his hands gently glided across the piano. But Fourth always enjoyed playing his piano in the mornings. It was the one time, he never felt hungry or desired to eat. He could feel free. As if to wake him from his peaceful trance, Teez flew in at full speed toward Fourth.

Fourth froze his hands, his expression was dark and bone-chilling. Quickly he replaced it with a bright smile, facing Teez. "Good morning Teez! What has you all excited? You usually sleep until eight or at most nine." Fourth's pervious expression could no longer be seen on his features. It was now replaced by a carefree expression, and a curious stare.

Teez flew around Fourth's head in urgency,"Guest...Guest...Guest..." Teez spoke in a high pitched tone, one that would suit a child. Teez had recently learned to speak words, of course the little one was still rusty. So he could only speak so fast and say so many words at a time. Fourth found this hilarious, so he would always play around with Teez to make him speak more. But glancing at Teez's mannerism, the guest most be important.

Rising from his seat, Fourth twirled, facing the door. "Okay, Teez!~ Lead the way!" Fourth was unnecessarily loud this morning, but he was like this all the time. The word quiet mornings, wasn't in Fourth's vocabulary, or at least after seven forty-five.

Following the zooming creature, Fourth walked with hurried steps. A child-like happiness was painted on his face, eyes beaming with anticipation. Passing multiple of servants he gave each a warm smile, and a childish good morning. Arriving at the destination, Fourth was confronted with a black crown. Its black beady eyes staring into Fourth's different colored orbs. In his vision Fourth spotted a letter tied around the raven's neck. Reaching for the raven Fourth gripped it in his hands. The creature squirmed for freedom. Swopping down Teez spoke,"Four, won't hurt...He won't eat you."

Teez being a creature, most have been the reason, as the crow had calmed down. Taking this opportunity Fourth reached for the letter and released the crow, letting it fly away. "Lord, Pre-morning Breakfast is ready." Quickly Fourteenth's eyes lit up with glee, and he raced to the dining area, dropping the letter on the ground.

"Four! You dropped it! Four, the letter!" Teez grasped the letter with his tail, and zoomed after Fourth. By the time he caught up to Fourth, he was surrounded by a table filled with food. Fourth was so happy, he could barely hear the chefs words, as he tried to explain the food he had prepared. Seeing Fourth was not listening, he bowed toward him. Leaving him alone.

Without any hesitation Fourth began to dine on the meal before him. Hungrily stuffing down the food, as if he hasn't eaten in days. "Fourth! The letter!" Fourth tuned to Teez a piece of bacon frozen midway to his mouth. Glancing at the letter, Fourth's eyes sparkled again, "Oh! I forgot. Thanks Teez!" An innocent grin was spread across Fourth's face, and Teez could only match it happily. Reaching for the letter, Fourth read it carefully.

Hey! I thought you should know, but the Gateway is going to be opening soon. The rest of the virtues are coming. Perhaps, you would like their locations listed below? Good luck finding them before the others! Oh, and I'll send the virtue that has been right under your nose the entire time to one of you as well.

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer
Kouji - Diligence

~Yours truly,

Location | Ocean District

Time of Day | Morning {9:00 A.M.}

Fourteenth showed a visible pout as he tapped his fingers on the table. Picking up the letter once more, he glanced through it. It had passed the appointed time, it was obvious that no one would be visiting him at the moment. Letting the letter lay on the now empty table he went into deep thought, his facial expression growing cloudy and intimidating. Teez flew close to Fourth, "Fourth...Teez will play with you." Fourth glanced over at the creature with a smile, reaching toward it, he pulled Teez into a hug.

"You make me feel so much better!" Fake tears ran down his face as him and Teez shared a happy moment, which was interrupted by one of Fourth's many servants. "Lord-", the servant's words got caught in his throat as Fourth sent him a threatening glare, followed by a innocent smile. Still unsure the man spoke,"You have a guest. It seems to be Whisper, Sir. And he has brought snacks."

All that Fourth heard was Whisper and snacks, as he raced toward the entranceway, Teez following close behind. Opening the door, he saw Whisper. A large grin spread across his face; extending his arms outwards, he embraced Whisper in a friendly hug. Followed by Teez who sat on Whisper's shoulder happily.

Of course Fourth was more happy to see the sweets than Whisper, but he probably knew that anyway. Fourth than remembered the letter which Whisper had sent, and looked at him with a pouting expression,"Why isn't anyone here, Whisper? I have been waiting. Thanks to your letter I missed my Mid-Morning breakfast, and was only able to eat my Pre-Morning breakfast."