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located in Istanbul, a part of Red Liners, one of the many universes on RPG.


One of the largest cities in the world, it has been called Europe's doorway to the Middle East.


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Frank woke up to the sound of the pilot over the intercom. He had arrived at his destination. His flight was a little over ten hours longs, but the profiles on the team and targets did not take long to memorize. Even though he was in first class, the old agent waited for the rest of the people to shuffle through the narrow walkway before getting up himself. As he expected, his joints were not happy about moving again.

This was his fifth time in Istanbul so there was little if any novelty to the place. He didn't have any trouble finding his luggage, grabbing a solid black Samsonite hard case and heading outside. Finding a taxi proved to be more difficult, but soon Frank was able to flag down a yellow van. The smell of tahini launched out of the car when the unsuspecting man open the door to get in. "Günaydın," Frank mumbled as he showed his phone to the driver. "Dersaadet Hotel." he said clearly enough for the driver to understand.

When the yellow van stopped in front of the hotel, Frank look at his wallet. he was is such a rush to get out of the airport he had forgotten to exchange currency. With a sigh he pulled out a fifty and told the driver to keep the change before getting out of the car. He didn't wait to see if the driver was okay with American money, but he must have been because he drove off in a hurry. The old agent walked up to the vender that was near the entrance.

"What room?"

"I'm sorry sir but I do not know what you are talking about." The map seller said in a thick accent.

"What room is Alp Turan in?" Frank raised his voice.

The startled vender took a step back. There was a moment of silence before the young man handed Frank a map with #332 written on in with a red marker. Frank took the map and walked inside. "You were 'pose to use the phrase!" The young vender shouted before cussing in his native tongue.


Terry stepped out of the plane wide eyed and excited like a kid who just arrived at front gates of Disneyland. The flight was almost unpleasant, there was a crying baby on board, and a heavyset lady sat next to him in coach that smelled less than fresh. But luckily he was able to get a window seat to look out of when they were flying over Europe.

The airport was full of different people and cultures. Terry noticed a group of orthodox Jews asking for direction from a Turkish Muslim, and a Hindu chatting with a group of Italian soccer players. Sure he saw a lot of these kinds of things in New York, but there was something different about this. It make him smile.

After leaving the currency exchange machine and picking up his luggage, he headed out the front gates towards the pick up zone. He only stopped briefly to admire the different languages on the signs. It didn't take long before a small yellow cab to pull over in front of him. "I guess it's only in America where a brother cant get a cab." Terry said with a smile on his face as he got in the car. There was an awkward moment of silence before the agent spoke up again. "Dersaadet Hotel, near Kennedy Avenue off of Capa- Capgasi-"

"Kapıağası, yeah yeah American I take you." The man said with a scratchy voice. The driver was a tiny old man who could barely see over the steering wheel. This made Terrence a little nervous, but he held his tounge. He drive to the Hotel was slow, but it gave Terry and opportunity to see a lot of the city and it's people. He was almost disappointed when the car stopped in front of the hotel. Terry looked at the Turkish money before giving several bills to the driver.

"Keep the change." he told him, but before he could leave the driver handed him back few bills. "Yeterli miktar, enough." the driver said holding the rest of the money in his other hand.

"Thank you." Terry got out of the cab and dragged his suitcase towards the man selling maps outside the hotel. His nerves were starting to get the best of him. He mumbled the phrase under his breath as he approached the vendor. "What time is lights out?" He asked and an almost shaky voice before clearing his throat. He young man measured Terry with his eyes and handed him a map with the numbers 332 written on it. "Your boss is dick." the man replied.

This surprised Terence. Was it a coded response? a secret message perhaps that meant the mission was blown? The agent decided to not say anything in return and headed into the hotel. Once inside it was easy to find your way around the place. When the clerk behind the desk greeted the agent, Terry held up the map. "Room 322" The clerk simply pointed to the elevators facing him. "Thanks." Terry mumbled.

Once Terry arrived at the door marked 322, he waited in silence for a moment before knocking. An older looking American quickly answered the door. "Get inside Agent Norton" He said as he stepped out of the way for terry to walk in. Inside was a rather happy looking Turkish man standing by the mini-fridge. He offers Terry a small brown bottle.

"I better not." Terrence replied as he shook his head, "Thank you though."

"Suit yourself. This is the only thing keeping my marriage together." The Turkish man said through his thick accent.

"It's probably for the best." The other agent said as he walked between the two men. "You wouldn't want to get shit-face wasted on your first day on the job would you?"

Terrence said nothing. He just crossed his arms in front of him and held his tongue.