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located in Istanbul, a part of Red Liners, one of the many universes on RPG.


One of the largest cities in the world, it has been called Europe's doorway to the Middle East.


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Character Portrait: Juniper Black Character Portrait: Ben Franklin Character Portrait: Terrence Norton
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Juniper stood outside of the security point her arms wrapped tightly around her dogs neck, she kissed the pups muzzle and handed the leach to Jake along with her car keys. "Now Jake please dont crash my car or forget to feed Layla." Her brother who had just turned seventeen rolled his eyes at her. "Yeah yeah Jinx just becareful doing whatever it is you are doing." She ruffed his hair "I told you I am just going to sight see." He started to pry more when she gave him a -thats all you are going to get out of me- look. "Be Safe." They both said at the same time with a smile she walked inside the airport.

The flight went well, she manged to get a row to herself so she was able to red comfortably and even catch a few hours of sleep. The plane wont her up as it made a rocky landing.

She waited until very one else had gotten of before she did not waiting to deal with the rat race everyone else seemed so intent to do. She got her money exchanged before heading to hail a cab. The man driving eyed her carefully as she got in a sick smile coming to her lips as she heard him talking to the two way on the dashboard "Gerçek bir seyirci var, ben o güzel bir ödül almak .istiyorum eminim." He laughed as did the person on the other end. She laughed a little before replying in his own tongue, "Eğer aile mücevherleri değer mi? Eğer öyleyse beni otele götürün Dersaadet." The cabby turned white as a ghost before he stammered out "It is how you say a joke." She smiled sweetly at him "What I said wasn't."

The cab stopped at the hotel "no charge" the man mumbled out "Kind of you." She said with a wave as he sped off. She walked over to the map vendor asking for one of them pointing at a spot on the map like she was asking how to get somewhere. "What time is lights out?" The man smiled and nodded writing the number on the map "Your boss is going to" He said under his breath she smiled and nodded as she walked up to the room.

She gave the door a weak knock. Frank quickly opened the door "Agent Black." She nodded and walked in eying the room noting the booze "Starting the unwinding a bit early are you?"

-translation of the cabby- "Got quite the looker, I bet she would give a good prize." Juniper replayed with "Do you value your family jewels? If so take me to the hotel"