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located in Istanbul, a part of Red Liners, one of the many universes on RPG.


One of the largest cities in the world, it has been called Europe's doorway to the Middle East.


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Frank walked toward the desk searching through papers, ignoring the rest for a short while. "The convention is in a few days. I assume yall have a few questions about our mission." He still doesn't turn to them as he's talking. "Al, If you want to fill them in..."

"It's just the hair of the dog that bit me last night, tatlΔ±m" The turk replies to the woman before taking a swig from the small bottle. "Sure thing Frank. My name is Alp Turan,but I'm sure you already knew that. What you probably didn't know was that I am the CIA's connection to the blackmarket. I'll get to why that's important later. For now, I will tell you about your new job. Not your CIA job, but your new and exciting career in the catering business."

"Agent black," Frank interrupted, "this is where your background with food will come into play. Who knew that would've been useful?"

"You cooks?" Al asked with surprize. " And you're beautiful. If only I had met you before I met my wife! we should swap recipes sometime, I have this amazing one with sausage, Sujuk, it the best Turkish breakfast you will ever eat. Family secret."

"Al, enough!" Frank finally turns to face them. "Juniper, you will pose as the guest chef for that night. There will be no need to stay in the kitchen however, it would just be for appearance to cover the back. Terrace, You will be head vallet, our eyes and ears to the front entrance. the conference will be small, I have the guest list here. I will be posing as security for Al here who will be play the role of a wealthy business man." Frank looked at the Turk in disbelief as he watched him finish the bottle.