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located in Disney: Darkness Falls, a part of Disney: Darkness Falls, one of the many universes on RPG.

Disney: Darkness Falls



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Three months. Three months since everything had changed, and her life had gone to hell. Three months since the impossible return of the Hun Army to live. Three months since the fall of China. Three months since nearly everything Mulan had loved or cared about had been torn apart, and burnt to the ground.

It had been a hard three months, to say the least.

If there was any bright side to these horrid events, it was that she wasn't alone. Her faithful stead Khan remained very much alive, as did Mushu, her ever vigilant guardian spirit. And, best of all, her father remained among the living as well. So if the tragedies that had befallen her recently had any bright side, it was the fact that she wasn't completely alone.

It didn't make the loss of her nation, village, mother, grandmother, and husband any better to stomach or bare, though.

"I will retrieve the wood for the fire tonight, Mulan." the voice of her father broke through her thoughts. The young woman looked up at the older veteran and nodded dimly, watching as he left the clearing they were in and delve into the forest.

They'd spent a lot of nights like this, ever since they had first started running from the Huns. Traveling by day, settling into camp by night. Every day it was the same thing. And Mulan hated doing it; hated retreating, running away. She wanted nothing more than to find the Huns, hunt every last one of them down, especially Shan Yu...but that just wasn't feasible. One woman against an armada of warriors wasn't even a contest. It was a slaughter.

Still, she wished they could do something. Something to help take back their lives, and get revenge on the people that had wronged them.


"This looks like a good place to sleep for the night, Maximus." Rapunzel commented to her horse, as they came to a slow trot, circling around what she was fairly sure was an abandoned farmstead. She felt a little bad about breaking into another person's house, and sleeping in their bed, but...well, it was fairly obvious they weren't using it.

Besides, she did want to spend at least one night without sleeping on the hard, cold ground.

Rapunzel left Maximus tethered outside (since she couldn't fit him through the small doorframe of the house) and walked into the abandoned building. Later, she might search the kitchen and cellar to see what food, if any, remained inside, but for now, all she wanted was sleep.

It took her a good minute, but she finally found a bedroom, with a particularly inviting bed. The former Princess nearly flopped onto the mattress, settling into sleep, not even bothering to cover herself up.

Much to her regret, though, sleep alluded her. And without sleep, she was left to her own thoughts. Thoughts of the past desperate, horrible three months. Thoughts of her former home....

Rapunzel sniffled a little, and felt her eyes water, but she did not cry. Her tears had long since been spent, and perhaps it was better that way.

It still hurt to think of the past, though. Of Eugene, her parents, her fallen kingdom...all of it hurt so much, and she didn't know when it would stop.

If it would ever stop.