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located in Earth, a part of Guerra di Madre Natura, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lyrik Czech Character Portrait: Gavendra Dume
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Lyrik would roll to the other set of computer from him. This screen, unlike the other, held row upon row of text commands. A set of code he would particularly be interesting him would be this [enter] [sadexserver] [password:] [laedex787] [UserID:] [LyrikalJazz] [AccessCodesNeeded?] [insert data here]

In this code he would input this data: [known wallhopper information] When Lyrik hits enter, rows upon rows of code appear before him. The most interesting piece of data he received were names. So, they know they hop, they just aren't doing anything about it. Next, he would input one of the names into the server.

[enter] [sadexserver] [password:] [laedex787] [UserID:] [LyrikalJazz] [AccessCodesNeeded?] [Gavendra Dume]

He received a small list of information, but it was all he needed. It listed coordinates of a place just outside the city walls, he assumed it was their hideout. He slid over a few more computers, and inputted the coordinates into a satellite and came up with a picture of a house. "Sweet!" Lyrik would then slide back over to find one command for the data about [Gavendra Dume] left.

With a few keystrokes, the computer system wiped the data of Gavendra Dume from the system. He proceeded to wipe shut the towers down, and swung a backpack over his shoulder. The young man would hop down three flights of stairs in his damn-near empty apartment building and into a back room. Before entering he would glance over his shoulder, and find no one. He would enter and strip down to nothing but a set of boxers. Shoving his bag into a water proof back, he then climbed down a ladder into the sewer system. From here, he dived into the natural ground water spring that had been forming for the last ten years and swam as hard as he could with the current. He would see light ahead, and would throw himself at it. He would surface outside the walls in a cave, he had learned this by studying some old city blueprints, and since the only two things he was good at were swimming and computers, it was perfect. His way in may have been a little gross, but it was safe, and there was a nice shower waiting for him. It wasn't that long of a walk after he had dressed himself, and when he arrived, he laid his stuff down, and approached the door without anything with him. A knock sound from his fist, and he waited in silence.