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located in Valderia, a part of The Magic Hunters of Valderia, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Thomas Aefenleoht Character Portrait: Adris Dasul Character Portrait: VPS-GWF3: Gainsboro Twelve
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Adris was kind of surprised that the kid was able to hold him despite from his lack of apparent muscular mass. He wasn’t quite surprised of his powers to control earth since of his own being. "Don't worry, sir, we'll be able to get out of this safely." The kid said with a calm voice. Or at least, he tried. Adris knew it that it won’t be an easy task; there was cultist everywhere. From everywhere he was trying to look, he could see cultist. That, and blood, everywhere. He would then notice some kind of robot pointing out that there was a bicycle. He was right, but the attempt was quite risky. Although, he didn’t have any choice as they were catapulted by the kid’s earth powers. Adris would land into the basket and they were given another head start on the cultists. He knew, however, it wasn’t enough.

Adris looked around as he wondered what could he do to help; he had no water on him, and the only thing he could notice is blood. Blood, blood and blood. And sometimes things that was left by the people. He sighed a bit, then came an idea to his mind; he knew that blood was mostly made of water. Adris would give a thought for a second, deeming that the situation required such intervention. He lifted his hand as he would start to gather water from the blood. It dried up in front of them, but not enough to hinder the kid’s pedalling. He would then looked back at the kid, saying: “Don’t worry and continue to pedal. I’ll caught up with you soon.” He said as he jumped down from the carrier, letting the water lifting him as he quickly positioned himself behind the robot and the cultists.

He bit under his breath as he drank some of the water, flinching at the taste. It gave him more energy as he started to both gather water and use it. He would manipulate the water so it would take the form of blades as they solidify in a perfect ice. He would then throw the ice at them, often hitting in the head, which he noted was more effective than just randomly. Some of them was bright enough to dodge the hit. He made sure to gather more water than he used, keeping a mask of water over his mouth to drink from it. He noticed that it was more physically demanding that most of the time.

Soon, when he gathered enough water, he would do a second wipe, but only using one half of the gather water. Of course, it wasn’t as impressive as the last one, but it was enough to take the cultist few steps back behind, and often make them trip and lose their speed. Once he was done, he accelerated to place himself between the kid and the robot, using the other half to create a fragmented dome around them. It would be a huge stream of water flowing around in a dome like manner. It would be powerful enough to punch through flesh and even maybe muscle. The stream flowed at an incredible speed for that. He kept on gathering water, screaming to the kid despite the mask of water over his mouth.

“I don’t know where we have to go, but just take us there!”

As so, he would follow the kid, looking back to make sure that the other one wasn’t hit be the dome of water. He knew that he couldn’t hold it forever. It started to hurt his head quite a lot, and the energy gain from drinking the water wasn’t enough to compensate the energy used for the dome of water and the small jets of water helping him for his running.. He knew that soon or later, he’ll have to let everything down, and he might pass out against. For now, one thing was clear in his mind; get out of this farce.