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located in Cynthiana, Kentucky, a part of The Walking Dead: The Other Group, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cynthiana, Kentucky



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Character Portrait: Scott Vane Character Portrait: Ellie Vane Character Portrait: Moira Bradley Character Portrait: Jonathan Morgan Character Portrait: Arthur Murphy Character Portrait: Sarah Moretti
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" Yes your right you two, it does sound crazy but right's our best chance out of here." Said Ellie as she gave a small nod in agreement her arms crossed. Ellie's gaze moved from Jonathan to Bradley and from her to the window. She squinted her eyes observing the opposite ledge thinking. After a few minutes of silence Ellie looked back over to Bradley " I think I know how to get across, it may work but I don't know." With that Ellie turned to her brother Scott. " Yo, Scotty follow me." Scott raised his head looking up at his sister and sighed as he got onto his feet. He brushed the dust and dirt off his pants but knowing there was no use for that since they will most likely get dirty again later. The two siblings disappeared into the ransacked bedroom, mumbling noises being heard from inside before they both come out holding a large piece of the bed frame they used to board up the door earlier.

Ellie held her end while Scott also easily held his end despite the board being pretty heavy. They set the board down beside the window carefully as Ellie looked up at Bradley questioningly." Do you think this will do?". Scott on the other hand rubbed the back of his head as he let out another sigh. " It might work but there is still a few more hours until day light and we are practically blind in the dark so I suggest we wait until sunrise," He turned to look at the others as he continues. " Right guys?" Scott didn't know if the others would agree but he was sure confident in his suggestion. " Plus the extra hours till sun rise we can spend gathering anything we can that is useful from this place don't you think?" He added on as he then turned to Bradley looking at her confidently.