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located in Eroryus, a part of Eroryus, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Jae Daniels

Jae squinted at the paper in front of him, easily walking over loose branches and wizened, protruding roots. A light breeze was following him, an unconscious manifestation of his powers. He spent so much time in the woods, how would he be able to control himself in an environment like this? But he had to at least try, it would be rude not to. If only it wasn't so bright maybe he could focus a little better. His glow flared red for a second, annoyance burbling in his system, but he calmed himself into a flickering yellow. His glow was hard to see in the light, unless he concentrated it in a certain area, which he was feeling much too lethargic to do at the moment. Hopefully he'd find the stupid house soon so he could go back to sleep.

Behind him the young man hauled a duffel bag full of questionable loot. What? He needed clothes. He may have not spent more than a few days at a time around other people in a few years, but he still knew that normal people didn't wear the same clothes over and over again for months. It was easy with his cloaking. And he didn't take too much. Just what he needed. And a few snacks. And a handheld game system. And some games, just in case he got bored. Also a few paperbacks. Yeah. Not too much.

He'd been excited to respond to the summon when the moon was still high and he'd just left the local Walmart, but now that the sun was out a headache was blooming in the front of his head and he was looking more bedraggled as he walked. The deep circles under his eyes appeared. His hair became more ruffled from the way he was almost constantly tugging his impatient hand through it.

Maybe this was a bad idea. Not the stealing, he did that all the time, but the showing up here. He wasn't really cut out to be around people. Talk to people. Especially people like him. People with powers. Mortals didn't have much to hurt him with if he annoyed them. These guys probably did. The breeze behind him stiffened, ballooning his white shirt out in front of him. He caught it with the hand holding the letter and the wind died down instantly. See, this was the kind of thing that could get him into trouble. It was definitely not a good idea to be here.

Despite his reservations about this whole deal, Jae didn't stop walking until he spotted the place the letter talked about through the thick trees. Ah, hikers instincts, worked every time.The sun was good for somethings, like orienteering. He wasn't sure how the owner of this note had found him, holed up in the home of some rich people who were on vacation for a few weeks, but there it had been and now here he was. A smirk wandered across his face for a second, his glow brightening to an electric blue. That home had been great. Plenty of food, nice beds to sleep on, a pool, some money to 'borrow'.

As the trees opened up above him, a sound of respect choked out of Jae's throat. Wow. This place was nice. He folded his hands behind his head, slinging his duffel over his shoulder, where it hung limp, half filled. He pushed the door open, peering around the front room as well.

"Hello?" He called out. Was someone supposed to be here to greet him? Was this a trick? He wondered suddenly. In an instant he disappeared from sight, his body tensing. The outline of his body trembled, changing rapidly as he stalked to a corner beside the door. He'd wait, watch and see. If someone friendly-looking showed up he'd drop his guard, but if this was a trap he would be gone in a second. Forget seeming polite, his skin was pretty important to him.

He held his breath, listening hard. He could hear sounds from far off, but that was it. How could he be so stupid? People didn't just do nice things for guys like him. Nobody liked supernatural creatures. But anyway, about whatever that sound was, far off. Did it hear him? Had he given away his presence? Hopefully not. Jae knelt down slowly, tensed, his eyes flicking all around, just waiting for something to happen.