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Snippet #2483495

located in C.I.A., a part of Red Liners, one of the many universes on RPG.


Recorded Files of Red Line missions.


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Character Portrait: Juniper Black Character Portrait: Ben Franklin Character Portrait: Terrence Norton
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Junpier eyed terry as he spoke wondering why he was reacting like it was his first time on a mission like this, She took the new passport and Id she committed the details to memory. She couldn't help but laugh at Terry's working for going to get the guns. She glanced over at Frank trying to gauge how much he values his agents, she took a relieved inward breath that he still looked a little white after explaining the other agents death.

"If you boys dont mind I should change into something more tourist like." She went into the bathroom and quietly shut the door, "At least he won't be will to throw our lives away easily." She thought to herself as she pulled her hair into a pony tail. "Alright Al should have the car around," she said as she tied her boots.