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located in Eroryus, a part of Eroryus, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Jae Daniels

Jae stood, barely moving, barely making a sound past the flux of his breath. He was slightly crouched, alert for sounds, other presences. Not too much later, a female voice sounded outside, then crossed the threshold into the room. It was a dark haired girl with toned skin. The young woman's eyes swept across him as if he wasn't even there. Which technically he wasn't. His features wrapped into a momentary grin at his ability to get by with things like this. Then he heard another presence outside the house, and then another loud voice. How many people were showing up here? Then another voice. That made three females and one unidentifiable presences. And then it was too much for him to track at one time. He remained quiet, waiting for a time when he could gracefully exit without being noticed. There was a stairwell across the room, maybe he could disappear up there?

The male began slinking against the wall, still invisible, the outline of his body shivering slightly, making it look like faint traces of glittering dust were floating lazily across the room in a concentrated pack. A blonde girl appeared in the stairwell when he was a few feet from it. She was blonde, and she almost seemed to glow. Not a real glow, but a sunshine type deal. Jae paused. he wouldn't be able to slide around her. Was she the leader here? Was she the 'Glitch' the paper mentioned.

The blonde began to speak, negating Jae's wonderings. No, no she wasn't. She was a phoenix though. And there were rooms upstairs. And they were supposed to be here. It wasn't a trap. Jae relaxed a little bit at that, but he didn't want to just blink back into appearance here. Even if these people were all supernaturals, he'd had problems with just appearing places before and didn't want to take any chances.

And then the air in the room shifted. A pretty young Korean woman entered the room, holding an air of authority about her. And in the huge animal that trailed her in. She began to speak in a familiar voice, barbed towards the large...animal? across the room. Then she offered her welcome, introducing herself and the beast, a werewolf, he finally connected. Then she sat on the table, asking about rooms. Ah, that was what he was about to do. He took that as an opportunity to dart past the blonde in the stairwell and take the stairs two at a time, flickering back into existence as he went, an aura of purple around him.

He pushed into the first room he found. There were two beds in the room, and one of them had things lying on it. Nope, not that one. He backed out. That meant they had roommates? The hinkypunk swallowed. Well, at least he wouldn't spend much time in the room at night. And he could find his sleep elsewhere. He just hoped the other would be tolerable and tolerate his nighttime oddities. But he needed to find an unoccupied room so whoever got stuck with him wouldn't blame the choice on him.

A small, wry smile flashed white on his face for a second, then he poked his head into another room. There was an older looking male on the bed. Jae's face showed no reaction but his heart spiked with instinctive fear. He hated surprises in the earlier hours. Yes, ten was much too early for him. The spike of fear turned his glow red before he completely vanished without a word, darting away to another room. Ah, this one was empty. He vaulted over the first bed, choosing instead to occupy the second. Only when he'd settled down did his camouflage drop.

The small male flopped back on the bed, closing his eyes and stretching. He could get used to a bed like this. Now wasn't the time to sleep, but it sure as hell wouldn't stop him from trying.