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Snippet #2483631

located in Omoide clan camp, a part of Omoide Clan: the Clan of Memories, one of the many universes on RPG.

Omoide clan camp

||Omoideclan camp||


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Warm sunlight filtered through the trees, gentle gusts of wind just strong enough to stir leaves parted Rikaistar's sleek pelt. I suppose it is time The tom knew that by the time his announcement was over the moon would be shining above, driving away the sun until it would dance once again the next day. The muscular tom pulled himself out of his soft nest it'll be worth it.

Rikaistar clawed his way to his perch, high upon the High Branch before calling out, "All cats old enough to climb the highest tree, gather beneath the High Branch!" Mutters and moaning were cut off abruptly as his clan mates realised the reason for his calling. Rikakitar tried greatly to stop himself from narrowing his eyes at his groaning clan mates. The time has come, for me to choose the deputy of Omoideclan he drew a breath in quickly before continuing,
I call upon Starclan to approve of my choice Whispers broke out, circling the bright clearing.
Mikapelt shall be the deputy of Omoideclan! He faced the delicate she-cat, his tail swishing elegantly.
Omoideclan thanks you for your wisdom and kindness. I am sure I have made a worthy decision. Rikaistar allowed the clan to begin welcoming her as the new deputy. He knew she was ready.