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Snippet #2483908

located in Valderia, a part of The Magic Hunters of Valderia, one of the many universes on RPG.




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If Gainsboro’s face plate were to able to show emotions, this would be one of those times.
Right after he spotted the cycling lad tumble into an open manhole, a ragtag group of three and a dog also jumped into it, and promptly closed it off. He wanted to open it again and follow after them, but had no time as the pursuing group of cultists, and another group of cultists, perhaps led to them by those three, zeroed in upon the two. With considerable regret, he took off into the direction they were previously going.

“Well, guess it is the two of us.” Gainsboro grunted in affirmation. “I sincerely hope he’ll make it to the station in time, and didn’t get shanked by those three, or by cultists. Speaking of cultists, i can’t seem to shake them off.” That was not entirely true. For several blocks they had followed him, he’d manage to lose that particular group, only to later on run into another, and needing to repeat his steps a few times.

Another problem was that he no longer really knew where he was going, since he hadn’t the time to closely observe his surroundings. He began to become more and more desperate as time went on. Eventually he ran into a dead ending street, with a bunch of cultists at the end, gorging themselves on cadavers, people they had most likely slaughtered themselves. Gainsboro and the man he had been carrying all the while, still found themselves at the start of the street when the feasting cultists took note of them, and started coming for them with their bloodcrazed grins.

Gainsboro found himself at an impasse. He couldn’t go back, nor forward. He couldn’t spot any immediate alley’s either. looking into the distance he spotted a stairway to the left of him, with simple but sturdy looking railings, and a wide light pole, that was somewhat close to the brick wall of the house. Having become truly desperate, he made a run for the stairs. “Hold on tight friend, i’ll attempt to jump up on the roof of that house over there.”

As he ran, the stairs came ever closer, but so did the cultists in front of him. They weren’t fast enough however, as he was already climbing- no sprinting up the stairs as they came in reach.
He kicked of with his left feet when he hit the last tread. He pushed off the railing with his right for extra lift and momentum towards the wall of the house. With a swift kick from his left, he directed himself towards the light pole. Gainsboro pulled his legs a bit towards his chest, as he would need both his legs for the final push. He wasn’t sure if he was going to make it, but even then he’d be able to at least throw the guy up there. At last his feet touched upon the light pole, and with a twist towards the left, and with all the power he could muster, he jumped towards the roof.