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Snippet #2483940

located in Omoide clan camp, a part of Omoide Clan: the Clan of Memories, one of the many universes on RPG.

Omoide clan camp

||Omoideclan camp||


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Mochi couldn't find the clan healer anywhere, "That's so odd the healer is never gone this long, I've at least heard something from someone before now."

Slightly worried she decided she would go and visit the cats within the clan that were soon to give birth and see if the healer had become caught up with them. Her first stop was a young cat by the name of Gekkō she was having her first litter and was just barely out of her second spring. She approached the stoop where Gekkō had chosen to make a nest for the kits.

"Hello, Gekkō how are things coming along for you?", Mochi bowed low to her in greeting.

"Oh hello Mochi, just trying to make sure everything will be just right for the kits.", said the soon to be mother.

"You wouldn't have happened to receive a visit from the clan healer when the sun was high today did you?", Mochi turned her head slightly to the side in question.

Gekkō shook her head, "No I'm afraid I haven't seen the healer at all today, even though a visit was promised two moons ago.

Mochi nodded but was obviously concerned, "All right then I'll check you over Gekkō, you're too close to whelping to just leave you be for a couple more days."

Mochi went over all the steps in her head that she had been taught by the healer when it came to she-cats on the verge of birthing. First she had to get the general smell of the young cat, Mochi touched her nose to Gekkō's and the rubbed her cheek against her.

"Okay now lay on your side for me please?", Gekkō listened and turned on her side so the apprentice healer, could pad her stomach in order to feel the kits inside.

"They seem to be moving along nicely, lots of movement, at least.... five maybe even six in there. I would say, you have at least till the end of the week, and those little ones will be ready to greet the world. Maybe a little bit longer, but it's best to find out that it's longer instead of sooner. I'll come and check on you again tomorrow if the clan healer hasn't popped up. Mochi moved back from Gekkō as she stood up once again.

"Thank you Mochi, and I hope you find the clan healer soon." said Gekkō bowing low as Mochi began to move away.

Mochi nodded back, "Yes, I hope I find the clan leader as well. Come and find me if you need anything, I'm usually at the temple.".

Mochi went all through the clan's lands visiting various patients that she knew the clan healer had been visiting. It was the same story, the healer had not been seen in almost three days. This was not good in Mochi's eyes and the only thing she could think of to do was to speak with Rikaisstar. She knew that she was just an apprentice and that she really didn't have much ranking within the clan. But she was honestly at a loss as to what to do, and the clan leader is the most wise of all the clan, who else would she point this out to.

She headed towards the tallest tree, once again as the moon shone in the sky her she would dip through shadows cast by homes, till she made her way to the bottom of the tree. Looking up she could see that Rikaisstar was there along with the newly appointed deputy. They appeared to be in conversation, but Mochi felt that with so many she-cats in the clan about to whelp that it was important for the clan leader to know the clan healer was missing. Calling up to the high branch she hoped they would hear her out.

"Clan leader Rikaisstar and Deputy Mikapelt, there is something that is distressing me. Would you hear me out? The clan healer has not been seen in almost three moons, I am worried the healer has never been gone this long at least without telling me or anyone else.", her calling was quiet and respectful