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located in The Ocean, a part of Destiny's Child, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Ocean



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Camelia Porter

"There isn't really anything specific I would prefer. Although I did like those rice omelets you made the other week." Chris smiled at Camelia.

This made her blush even more. She was worried that her lack of professionalism would cause a problem in the future. She knew the captain was a sweetheart and wouldn't hold it against her though, she hoped. As the captain made his first request, Camelia nodded and referred back to the library of her memories and made sure she had the necessary ingredients. Thankfully she had some leftover rice from the night before that would be perfect, and she had eggs and other veggies that would make the omelets perfect.

"Would you mind making some more donuts as well? A little bird on board told me she greatly enjoys your pastries. I'll see you in the kitchen," Chris then left to complete his journey of checking on the crew.

"Thanks Captain! See you!" Camelia beamed. She then ran back in her room and shut the door quickly. She knew she was running late and everyone's schedule always seemed to be tight, so she hurried around. First she ran over to a tub of fresh water she poured last night and washed her face. She then brushed her hair and readjusted her hair clips and ponytail. She was making good time so far, and she almost walked out of her room in her pajamas once again. She was a bit too excited about cooking. She pulled her button up shirt over her head, too lazy to unbutton all of the buttons, and put on her most feminine outfit. She felt particularly girly today. Her usual style was more on the tom boy side since she spent most of her time with her father.

After making her self presentable, she rushed out of her bedroom and ran through the halls to the kitchen to get started right away. She grabbed her white apron that hung on a hook and began to brain storm. Being the over achiever she is, she decided to take on the challenge of meeting both requests. Firstly she needed some coffee, so she grabbed the coffee beans and threw them into the grinder. She loved the smell of ground coffee, she really loved anything coffee related. While that was going she decided she would make cronuts, a recipe her father taught her a long time ago. The perfect, delicious mixture of a croissant and a donut. She knew they would be quite time consuming but any donut really takes a while, and the Captain would understand.

Her mind was set as she elegantly maneuvered around the kitchen grabbing what she needed: eggs, milk, butter, salt, yeast, sugar, all-purpose flour, and of course some vanilla. She grabbed a big bowl and spoon from one of the cupboards and began mixing all of the measured ingredients together. It took some arm work, but she enjoyed every second of it. You could tell by her giant idiotic grin. After everything was mixed she threw the dough into the fridge to chill.

She then decided to set the table just in case anyone decided to dine in the dining room. She sat down nine beautiful white china plates and a fork and knife to accompany each one. Her obsessiveness took control though and she had to make sure everything was symmetrical.

After her OCD-ness calmed down, she made some final adjustments to the dough to make the cronuts perfect and returned it to the fridge to chill once more. While she waited for the dough, she moved onto the omelets. She knew she had to problem solve since making eight omelets individually would take way too long. Then it came to her, four stove tops and several pans. Multitasking was key. She set out all the pans and began grabbing ingredients. This time it was onions, chicken thigh, olive oil, corn, carrots, peas, pepper, rice, ketchup, and soy sauce. Camelia was ecstatic that she had so many ingredients at her disposal. It was like a dream come true. She began chopping, dicing, and sauteing. Ignoring the fact that she was all alone in the kitchen. It was one of the things she had grown used to, but it wasn't enjoyable. She hated being alone, she always wanted company. Even if the person couldn't hold up a conversation. Just the fact that somebody was by her side made her comfortable.