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Snippet #2484926

located in Season 1, a part of The Walking Dead: Online, one of the many universes on RPG.

Season 1

"The End Begins"


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Character Portrait: Dyomie Thornes Character Portrait: Marie Thornes (NPC)
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Dyomie Thornes
Marie Thornes

Dyomie got off the plane, she had had a nice nap as last night was sort of busy; and not in the stealing sort of way. After her group and she had split up the loot, she had met up with an easy rich guy. It wasn't hard to impress him, all she did was wear a small black dress and a valuable necklace. After they guy got what he wanted, Dyomie looked around his apartment while he slept. There wasn't much at his place, just your run of the mill over-expensive apartment, but she did get to snag a small jewelry box which she had yet to see what was actually inside.

As she walked with her luggage to the front doors she saw a familiar face holding a ridiculous sign, "Welcome back Dy...again", it read. The sign itself was on bright pink paper in the girly-bubble font that Dyomie's little sister knew she found too weird, not to mention glitter everywhere on the sign. Even if Dyomie was a little embarrassed by the sign she was excited to see her sister again. So she ran to her sister, dropping her bags next to them and picking her little sis up in a hug, which proved to be more difficult now that Marie was getting taller than her.

"Hey Tidbit," Dyomie said, setting her sister down and kissing her on the forehead.

"Hey Dy," Marie answered back, "Have a good trip? Any stories to bring back?"

"Of course I have stories silly duckling," Dyomie said, she grabbed her bags and put her arm over her sister's shoulders, who proceeded to lead them to her car. It wasn't a special car in any sense of the word, but it got from point A to point B well enough and stayed together ok.

While driving back to their apartment, Dyomie recalled the stories she had made up on the plane over of what she was going to tell her sister. The fake business meeting where Dyomie of course broke the other company down to agree with their deal, how afterwards they celebrated at a fancy bar where they stayed till closing hour. Marie listened well, nodding her head to let her sister know she was listening to every word that her sister was saying.

They got home safely, and inside the place was clean. Dyomie smiled at her little sister and ruffled her hair, she was very proud of how responsible her sister turned out, quite the opposite of how she turned out from her absent parents.

"Alright Tidbit, what do you want for breakfast?" Dyomie asked, plopping her stuff down, "Fresh new payment means a special feast."

"Oh no you don't," Marie said, hauling her sister to the kitchen and pushing her into a chair, "That's not how it works. You just got back from travelling so to show you how much I missed you I get to make you breakfast; and you're not taking that away from me." Dyomie smiled as she watched her sister work in the kitchen. She could smell the sugar being added to the battery mix and the aroma of baked goods steaming off the slowly forming pancakes.

Breakfast moved by slowly as the two sisters talked, getting to know one another once again. Marie was mostly the one who was talking as apparently just yesterday she tried out for the Olympic's gymnast team. Marie's eyes sparkled and her chatter was rushed, so much so you could barely register her taking an audible breath. Marie explained how she felt this time was it, this was the time she was going to get in, she could feel it. Dyomie knew her sister would get into the Olympics, it was only a matter of time. She had seen her sister perform many times, so she knew for a fact how good Tidbit was at gymnastics.

When breakfast was over, Dyomie put her stuff away in her room; taking out the smaller weapons she had brought and putting them under a floorboard in her room, placing the stuff next to a lone walkie-talkie. It was there in case of emergencies; if Dyomie needed to quickly contact Marie to get away from the apartment as fast as possible without having the LAPD zero in on their conversation. Marie knew the walkie-talkie was there and whenever she was alone in the house she would always keep an ear out for the crackly noise it made, just in case. Dyomie kept her newest prize in a backpack, along with her walkie-talkie, by her room door. Then the two girls headed out towards the beach, though neither were really wearing "beach wear" they still wanted to walk by the beach; it was a small tradition they had when Dyomie got back they would always head to the beach no matter what time it was and just sit looking at the waves, being comfortably in each others' company.

Today was a bit hotter, so Dyomie just held her typical leather jacket in one arm, the other being occupied by hooking her sister's arm in her's. It was a beautiful day, and Dyomie could feel that it was slightly brighter; her heist went well, she got a fancy new gold trinket, the apartment was clean and she got a Marie cooked meal; oh yes, today was a great day, even with the heat.