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Snippet #2485086

located in Season 1, a part of The Walking Dead: Online, one of the many universes on RPG.

Season 1

"The End Begins"


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Character Portrait: Edmund Remington
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Edmund Remington

Appearance, money, and dance. That's all Edmund truly ever cared about.

He breezed into a top-notch clothing store, adjusting his glasses every few seconds. God help Edmund if his precious eyewear were to ever fall off. His vision would abruptly switch from perfect high definition to unfocused and horribly blurry. Thank goodness this tragedy has not yet happened to Edmund, as he would most definitely flop and clunk around all over the place, struggling to see with his poor eyes. Also, the glasses he's owned for so many years actually boosted his already high self-esteem and made Edmund feel as if he was the most handsomest man in the whole world, or at least the city of Los Angeles.

After almost an hour, Edmund had spent a large amount of money and sauntered out of the store with his shopping bags at his hand. He was awfully cheerful that day, which was rather unusual; showing emotions wasn't exactly something seen from Edmund, and he himself was taken aback by how joyful he felt. Most of the time, he experienced a mellow, calm sort of feeling and it almost always stayed like that. Something just seemed so special about that day that Edmund's heart decided to burst out in bliss.

Too caught up in his little world of jubilation, the phone call from his student Edmund received on his cell phone didn't seem important at all.

"Hello, Edmund speaking," he answered, positioning his phone between his cheek and shoulder.

"Edmund, where are you? It's almost noon and your students are waiting for you!" cried the voice on the other line.

"Oh my. I'm sorry Therese, I'm on my way. You know me, once I start shopping, I can't stop."

Speeding up his pace and gently making his way through a crowd of bustling people, Edmund slipped his phone into his shopping bag and sighed with relief. He had completely forgotten that he had a class with his students that day and was relieved that he would be able to once again do the thing he loved most: dance.

The citizens of Los Angeles seemed to be on the same bright wavelength of emotion as Edmund and the sidewalks were crowded with loud, perky people. This made it almost impossible for poor, lazy Edmund to be able to make it back to his dance studio in time. Physical activity was never an option for him unless it had anything to do with the art of dance. Dashing through the front door of his studio and noticing all of his students sitting on the floor anxiously, Edmund sighed and dropped his shopping bags down to the floor.

"I sincerely apologize for my late arrival. As we all know, Mr. Remington loves to shop. If it weren't for Therese," pointing at his first student ever, Theresa, Edmund smiled, "I probably would still be spending my money and would have left all of you poor dears just sitting here waiting for me all day."

His students chuckled as they stood, all dressed in their appropriate dance attire. There were about ten of them. They had all began instruction under Edmund just a week ago, except for Therese, who had been around ever since Edmund started teaching. All of them began their usual warm ups in the awfully large dancing space in the studio. The wooden floors were shiny, just how Edmund liked it.

"Enough warming up for today. Now, I have to touch base on some of you about your postures."

Now completely focused, Edmund at last finally lost the unusual feeling of happiness and became calm. He could tell that that whole day was going to be the best he had ever had. A shopping spree and an extra day of teaching aspiring dancers was pretty much what could make Edmund's day.

"Energy, girl, energy," indicated the dance instructor as he positioned one of his student's chin up, "You're moving like a zombie."