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Washington DC

Director Micheal Kelter was not a frequent visitor of the DC branch for B.E.G. E. incorporated, the Bio-engineering and Genetic Enhancement Corporation. He had only recently been promoted as a branch manager after his own boss was “let go.” Of course, everyone knew that being “let go” was the kind term for disappearing permanently, so asking for advice would be out of the question. As such, he was heading to DC, without knowledge of what would go on, only hoping that he wouldn’t be finding himself in a similar position as his boss did.
But how did he get to this point, how did this man find himself now heading a singular branch out in Colorado researching the potentials for the human genome. Of course, he had some idea, something about a subject escaping and all that, but the details were all hush-hush. Besides, that was around five years ago and if anything, he’d probably be the one informed about all this.
Thus, when he stepped into the designated room, Mr. Kelter did not feel much fear when he sat down in the comfy chair. Across the small coffee table from him was a man that held a newspaper over his face. Oh my, how long had this man been waiting. Needless to say, Micheal needed to alert the man to his presence.
But before Micheal could say a word, the man’s voice reverberated through . . . some sort of mask.
“. . . name . . .”
Micheal froze. The voice was guttural and disturbingly skin-crawling. Now that he was fully at attention, he could also hear a heavy breathing sound that seemed to come out of a rebreather. Slowly he spoke, unaware of one terrifying thing that would had determined his fate.
“Micheal Kelter”
As soon as he said this, the newspaper slammed down onto the table as he realized who he was staring at. Looking at Kelter was a mask with a terrifying visage of combat. The nearly red eyes glowed back at him with the fury of something beyond his comprehension. It was then that he realized who the main character of this story was. It was not him or his mundane life as a branch head, but instead it was the man in front of him.
Yesiv Olin, the man of fire, flesh, and steel.
“Good bye Mr. Kelter,” he spoke through his rebreather, a heavy accent following along as well, “You will not be missed.”