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located in New York City, a part of Aula's Assassain, one of the many universes on RPG.

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((You might need to write a bit more since I, the RPer, don't have enough information on your character. I'd prefer to know from your writing rather than you telling me straight up. That way, I can make a battle plan for Yesiv :D))

"Aula Charnai Belle," Yesiv repeated to himself, "Interesting child."
The assassin was still sitting in his chair while looking through the folder of information before him. Her capabilities were impressive it would take far more to scare Yesiv Olin. As strong as she was and as many powers as she had, she lacked experience to wield them. All she had taken down were petty crooks or stopped freak accidents from turning into bloody messes. As killer though, oh boy.
"So how long would it take . . ." said Thomas. Immediately the masked man, snapped the folder shut without saying anything else. He moved, almost dragging Thomas along with him.

"Tell me," he said raspily, building to his question "How is project Sampson doing?"

"Project Sampson?!" Thomas sweat a little, "How do yo-"

"Hush little man," instantly the employer sewed his mouth shut as Yesiv turned as his eyes bore through the weak man's skull, "What is the status of project Sampson?"

"Discontinued . . . why?"

The light in his goggles narrowed as a smug smile came from under his mask, "Goooood . . . and remember to keep it that way."

With that, Yesiv Olin left the building and disappeared from the streets. Unseen in a dark alley, Yesiv made his way to an undisclosed location and pulled out a small metal case. Taking a syringe, he plunged the needle into his neck and growled.

Project Sampson had better stay dead . . .