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Snippet #2485679

located in Valderia, a part of The Magic Hunters of Valderia, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Hugo strained his eyes to see the approaching figure. “Oh, it’s you berry boy. Did your lover ditch you?”

Michael nearly fell over with exasperation. "For the last time, he's my br-" But he never got to finish that sentence.

Hugo smiled and lowered the revolver, “You best stick with us, unless you want to get your throat ripped out.” Hugo pulled out the map and quickly looked it over, “Now the exit should be close, its just a manhole away.” Hugo rolled up the map and tucked it away, “By the way, I heard lots of splashing, do you have friends with you?"

Looking back, Michael couldn't see anything coming from the passageway behind him. "Well, I did hear someone entering the manhole earlier. But there's a cultist in here as well. I tried sealing him in stone, but he might break out. We should probably get going soon."

It was quiet near the southern barricade. Sure they could hear the chaos up ahead, but they couldn't quite see it. The approach to the barricade wound through tight streets and the two hunters hadn’t seen or sensed anything come close. The smaller of the two hunters twitched as a small impulse reached his head, “Something’s coming.” The two hunters drew their weapons as they readied themselves. "Don't shoot! We ain't one of them!" screamed one of two rapidly approaching women.

The two hunters looked at each other and snickered, “Shooting people with axes. That’s rich.” The larger of the two set down his axe and smiled, “So how’s the approach? You guys are the only living things to come near this barricade and it has to been at least fifteen minutes since the message started playing.” The smaller hunter quickly looked over the two girls wrists and nodded to the other guard. “Looks like you guys are clean, and don’t worry. You fellas are safe now.” The nearby manhole cover suddenly catapulted into a building. The guards quickly lifted their weapons and prepared for battle,

“SURPRISE!” Hugo shot his head out from the sewer system, “How ya folks doing.” Hugo pulled himself, the badger man, and the very berried haired boy out as well. The two guards kept their weapons up and Hugo quickly pulled up his sleeves to show his wrists. “Look see, I’m clean, ain’t got an ounce of infection on me.”

“What about them?”

“They’re clean too.” The two guards glared at Hugo who rolled his eyes. “Well I’m sure you can already see the badger’s wrists and I’m sure the pink haired boy would be happy to show you his wrists.” Promptly, Michael rolled up his sleeves and removed the bracelet on his left wrist. There was nothing of interest on them. The two guards sighed and lowered their weapons, “I know it’s protocol, but do you really think the blood cult is going to start infecting people with the plague? ‘Cause it would be like them tainting their own meals with a dangerous poison.” The two hunters shrugged, “Well whatever, you guys are good to go.” “Damn right we are.”

There was an eerie and quiet drone occupying the train station as Hugo passed the small groups of survivors who were waiting to board the train. A small troupe of veteran hunters blocked off the cars saying that the train had to finish unloading.The train was a brass masterwork from the Aulrailian golden age. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Hugo nodded in agreement with the engineer, “She’s a brawler class locomotive mech. I have seen her do amazing things in my lifetime. Shame that she’s been reduced to manual labor.” The train groaned and steamed as it slowly unloaded large black boxes that rocked and moaned from the car behind.
Supervising this was a man clad in a long bellowing robe that seemed to glisten in the sun. He looked like he was his mid-twenties, but his eyes looked like they had live a thousand lifetimes. His right hand tightly clutched a large metal staff that was mounted by a large mechanical eye that shifted and searched for all things evil. "Tick tock hunters, the cargo is getting restless."