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located in The Ocean, a part of Destiny's Child, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Ocean



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Character Portrait: Cellia Von Character Portrait: Ki-Yo Character Portrait: Robin Sprocket Character Portrait: Edward Strand Character Portrait: The Pirate King Character Portrait: Camelia Porter
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Ki-Yo grinned while her eyes were set on that single lace on her hand, her hands shaking for excitement, various of images of possible clothes run through her head merely eagerly waiting to be practicised by her. Yes, she'll use it for a very important purpose, it is not to be wasted. Probably a new shirt for Edward or Robin? They urgently needed it, even without them requesting it Ki-Yo knew. Well, she had eyes after all. And in her eyes, the shirts were already garbage, in use for too many years already.

"Hey, Ki my dear, I dont know who or what spilt the blood but im willing to bet that it was Robin. So if you ignore it and pretend it didnt happen im sure that he wont do it again."

"You think so? Robin's prank?" She asked, now thinking back about what happened. Sure, it would fit to the navigator's profile, but Ki-Yo wasn't really convinced. It was real blood after all, which she found in her room, and something like that was a bit too much for a prank, even if it was Robin. "Hmpf. If he is the culprit, I will be sure to have revenge. He nearly shocked me to death! It's unforgivable!" Her aggressive side showed up that instant, but left not too long afterwards with the wind, leaving only a pouting Ki-Yo there with a frown. No, she was not convinced, at all. She couldn't think Robin is capable of doing such a prank, is he? It can't be changed, she needed to talk to the navigator.

Following Cellia into the kitchen, she spotted Edward and Robin, as also of course, the cook. Which left only the explosive expert and the doctor to be absent. "Morning Rob, Eddy--", she greeted the Swabby with the nickname she gave him, but stopped seeing in what miserable position he ended in. And most definitely the fault of... "ROBIN! What are you doing to that poor guy? That's definitely a bit too much, even for your pranks!" She said approaching Edward with a frown, still angry because of the believe that it was Robin who left the blood stain in her room to scare her, no, terrify her.

“As everyone knows, you are the best when it comes to locks and as you can see, I could use some help.”

With determination, Ki-Yo stared at the cluff on his wrist, puzzling on how she could help him out of these. Tilting her head after some minutes, she had not come to a conclusion... yet. Of course, she could give way to Cellia, but she was stubborn. Eventually she started to try braking them with bare hands, which obviously was a waste of time and so freaking dumb, therefore she finally turned around to Robin, attempting to catch the little rascal for good. Then suddenly the ship began to tilt... Ki-Yo almost fell! The captain though acted quick and went as fast as he could to the control room. In the meanwhile, Ki-Yo made an effort so that the perfect picture of the table set done by the cook remained somehow the same, at least, not that some go flying or something, that would be a real pain... for the feet.

After that, her eyes sparkled. "Robin, let me ask you a few questions...", she said dangerously while slowly approaching the navigator, wanting to know the truth.