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Snippet #2486265

located in Season 1, a part of The Walking Dead: Online, one of the many universes on RPG.

Season 1

"The End Begins"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Natasha Dean Character Portrait: Dyomie Thornes Character Portrait: Marie Thornes (NPC)
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Natasha Dean
Natasha looked up to John, the only thing he had said since the incident was '10-4' as they drove to the apartment address they were told was the address on record for the culprit. Natasha watched him, he had witnessed so much, yet this was the tipping point. He looked so drained, his skin had paled and his pupils dilated, this would definitely leave a scar. Natasha looked outside at the building,
"Is this is?" she asked out loud and John merely nodded. Natasha put her hand on his arm and he looked at her. "Just stay in the car, I'll handle this." she offered him a smile as she got out from the car and made her way to the entrance.

Dyomie Thornes
Things started to get a bit darker, and not just the sky, as Dyomie headed back to her apartment. She could hear distant screaming that seemed to come from the whole city; it was enough to make anyone a little edgy. So she picked up her pace a little and kept her eyes sweeping the areas around her, just as if she were on a another job.

When she turned the corner to get inside her apartment, she was thinking of barricading the doors and windows; more so when she saw the flashing red and blue lights parked in front. A blond woman was getting out and heading towards the door. Dyomie's mind raced to think of what to do; on one hand there was always running, but on the other there was her sister and for any reason her sister did not need to know what she did to get most of their money.

She stood completely still, just barely in the dark and out of sight of the car. Her brain worked over time and the cop's motions seemed almost too slow to be real as she calculated her plan. There was a loud clatter to her right which caught the criminal's attention. It was just some drunk, staggering around, nothing to bat an eye at. This drunk, however, seemed to be rather off. Something about him didn't register to her mind like a normal drunk and he looked mutilated, for lack of a better word.

"You okay there love?" Dyomie asked, sort of regretting drawing his attention to her even before she said anything. The guy looked at her and started to stagger towards her more frantically, making growling and gurgling noises. Dyomie began to walk towards the apartment, forgetting completely about the cops because she had a feeling this guy was one to run away from rather than fight. She didn't realize what she was doing until she backed into the cop.

Now she was in trouble.

Dyomie smiled politely at the cop, "Sorry officer, wasn't really looking where I was going. This guy is just kind of freaking me out," she said pointing to the staggering, mutilated drunk that was coming towards them.

Natasha Dean
Heard some talking from the alley, but she ignored the voices as she stepped towards the apartment entrance, yet before she could pull the door open a young woman bumped into her, warning Natasha to the presence of another man. His movements were similar to that of the man from earlier.

Natasha placed her hand on the holster, she could hear screaming from all directions and the sun was certainly beginning to set as she watched the drunk stumble towards the two.
"Sir, stay where you are." Natasha ordered, yet he took no notice of her and continued to stumble towards the girl. "Sir." She yelled, his face then turned crookedly to look at her, his eyes glassy. "Sir, can you understand me?" She asked, the entire situation reminded her of a zombie movie, the police force and the ambulance service were running around like headless chickens and there was more violence, riots and disturbances all across the city, not only in this jurisdiction.

As her thoughts returned to her, Natasha looked back to the man who was approaching at his sluggish pace, if zombie movies taught her anything, it was shoot them in the head, so she did. Expecting John to get out of the car and curse her, yet hearing nothing, sje spun round to look at him, unconscious in the front seat. "Oh god, no." She cried before running to the car door and yanking it open, John falling out. "John? John!" She cried, shaking him violently to no response. She looked up to the girl. "Hey go in and get any loved ones and come back here, immediately. We have to get outta here." She told her. "I promise, I'll protect you."