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Snippet #2487272

located in Season 1, a part of The Walking Dead: Online, one of the many universes on RPG.

Season 1

"The End Begins"


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Character Portrait: Sarah Hawke (NPC)
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Sarah watched speechlessly as the news reporter continued his report over a frenzy of frightening visuals and documented carnage. The entire classroom sat completely transfixed on what was unfolding on the television in front of them. They watched as a helicopter spiraled out of control, its tail colliding with the side of a tall skyscraper as people plummeted from its insides. Some of the more squeamish students covered their eyes or turned away. Many simply cried, unwilling to believe what they were witnessing.

“If you’ve just joined us, what you are seeing is real,” the reporter continued. He took a moment to collect himself as he straightened his papers and cleared his throat. “Similar reports have surfaced all over the east coast as this… infection… sweeps the nation.” The camera cut to the streets now, where a field reporter jogged between a sea of stalled cars, some on fire, others abandoned. His camera shook as he ran along, as if they were watching Cloverfield instead of live news. “The footage you are seeing is being recorded live by our field reporter, Kyle Reeves. In a short moment, we will be—“ he took another pause, continuing to fidget with his tie as if he could barely breath. “It looks like we’ll be going off the air now while we begin our own lockdown procedures. We advise that you all do the same. Find a safe place off the ground and away from windows. Do not make any attempt to reach loved ones. Stay safe… and may God have mercy on—“


The television feed cut out with a sudden intensity as the channel scrambled into empty airtime. Mr. Geoffries, the biology teacher, turned it off and wheeled it back towards the corner of the room. Dull whispers and murmurs blanketed the room as students huddled in small groups, terrified for what was happening to their city. Sarah watched as her teacher slouched back in his desk, his face drained of all color. He pulled open the bottom drawer of his desk and took a long swig from his flask. She wondered if he had a day like this in mind when he stashed it there in the first place.

Sarah tried again to reach her brother, once more dialing his number and holding the phone to her ear. She chewed effortlessly on her thumb, praying that he would just pick up for once. She needed him more than ever... but the line went to voicemail like it had the last several tries. Her friend Katie came from across the room and slid into the desk next to her.

“Sarah, how long are they going to keep us in here?” She asked, looking around anxiously. The school’s lockdown policy had already been fully enforced. It was announced over the intercom the second that the military started quarantining portions of Sunset boulevard. Even if the school released them, the military would never let them pass. She figured with two layers of quarantines, they would be safe where they were.

‘Right?’ She thought to herself, in a moment of doubt.

“I bet this is like, the start of World War III or something,” Katie continued. The girl was oblivious to the facts. This infection, or whatever it was, wasn’t an act of war. It was something worse. An enemy that couldn’t be fought. All of these thoughts raced through Sarah's mind in an instant. She had never felt more helpless in her life. She’d never felt more alone, either. She only wished she knew where Calvin was, and if he was alright. With her mind elsewhere, she barely noticed the commotion starting on the other side of the room. A surge of bodies moved towards the front of the room, and although she couldn’t see what was happening, she could clearly hear Mr. Geoffries’ voice shouting above the others.

“Please, stand back! Make room,” he yelled. Sarah followed the others, standing on one of the desks to get a better advantage point. Sprawled on the ground was one of the junior transfer students who shared a few of her other classes with her. His name was Brian or Ben or something generic, and he was extremely diabetic. The stress combined with his low blood sugar had obviously thrown him into some sort of seizure, and he now laid on the ground convulsing before the entire class. The room they were in was simply a lecture hall, unequipped to deal with any kind of medical situation of this magnitude.

“Do something!” One of the students shrieked, grabbing Mr. Geoffries by the arm.

“W-We have to treat him here… we c-can’t leave the room,” he replied, dropping to his knees beside the transfer student.

“Are you kidding me?” Another student interjected, “the medical lab is just down the hall! We can get him something there!”

Mr. Geoffries rounded on him, pulling a pistol from his waistband. “We are in a lockdown, damnit! We can’t just go waltzing around the building!” He struggled to keep the kid still as the seizures took hold of him even harder. Several of the girls were crying now, as if it wasn’t loud enough already.

“He’s going to die!” One of them cried out, shaking the professor by his sleeve. Some of the other students had already rushed toward the door, intent on breaking out of the classroom, but it was locked. Widespread panic had taken ahold of the entire room as students and teacher alike shouted and pushed and cried. Sarah sank back from the crowd towards her desk, reluctant to get involved. But she was already a part of it…

The transfer student gasped his last few breaths of air and fell into unconsciousness. His chest showed no signs of movement, even as Mr. Geoffries attempted to resuscitate him. The room was quieter now, as the students watched their professor try to breathe the life back into a kid who had been alive only seconds earlier. As it became more obvious that it was a lost cause, Mr. Geoffries shied away from the body, unable to look at any of the students around him. For once, the room was completely silent, save for the hum of passing helicopters and sirens from outside.

“You killed him,” a sobbing girl muttered between sobs.

Mr. Geoffries’ face burned red as he jumped to his feet. “I told you to shutup you stupid bi—AAAAAAGHH!!!!”

The final word barely left his mouth as the Brian (or Ben) the transfer student sank his teeth into the professor’s calf. Suddenly, the room went ballistic again as the students screamed and backed away from the spectacle. Mr. Geoffries shouted out in agonizing pain as he fell forward, pulling his leg from the reanimated kid on the floor. A healthy chunk was pulled clean from his leg as he fell onto his hands and knees. The kid continued crawling towards the professor, pulling him further into his grasp. None of the students moved to help, despite the professor’s cries for help, instead running up the flight of steps towards the doors at the top, praying for a way out. Sarah, having been near the desk already, began rooting through the doors of the desk for the keys that would get them the hell out of that classroom. She tried her hardest not to pay attention to the man being devoured a few feet to her left as she rummaged through all the crap in the drawer... and then it dawned on her.

The keys were likely in Mr. Geoffries' pocket.

Sarah cursed to herself as she looked over the desk at her teacher wrestling for his dear life on the floor.