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located in Avaandi, a part of Suspended in Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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At the speed they traveled it didn't take long for Rueben's war party to arrive back home. It had only taken a few days to cross the border between Avaandi and Nyvallya. The journey across the countryside had been quiet, and there had been almost no delays. No soldiers stopped them. No one spared their caravan a second glance even though Ventus Darkai himself was tied up in the back. So with speed on their side, and the wind at their backs they quietly trudged over the dusty road. As they filtered into the city that never sleeps, droplets of rain splashed against their armor, and thunder cracked against the sky. Rueben chuckled as his men began to groan and complain about the weather. His boots were sinking into the mud as he turned to smile at the men behind him. "Don't Whine. We grew up in this unforgiving weather...Soon enough you'll be able to bathe and rest." He promised, as he led them through the slick cobblestone streets.

On a good day, Nyvallya was bustling with activity. There were exotic warriors and women lingering in the alleys, and people singing boisterously in the streets. It was always noisy. Always fun, and there was never a dull moment in Rueben's home. Even as he led his weary troupe back to the heart of the kingdom where Seraphina was waiting, he was greeted warmly by other citizens who offered him happy smiles--and some of the single women blew him kisses that he pretended to catch and trap against his heart. To outsiders he was charming and mysterious in his own way, but the local women knew better than to take his flirtations seriously. Rueben was known for being a heartbreaker, not because he didn't care, but because no woman wanted to play second best to the princess.

There wasn't a universe that existed, where he would put his own wanton desires before his duty.

He warned the women who fell into his bed that he only wanted a good time. They would never be priorities in his life.

Not while he was Seraphina's vassal.

Someone tapped his shoulder, and he turned to see the drenched figure of his lieutenant peering up at him. "We're almost home. What are your orders?" The man yelled, his voice rising over the screech of the wind.

"Take the prince to the dungeon, and then divide the contents of the caravan between the men. The rest of you are dismissed." He sent the majority of his unit away so they could go home to their wives and families. Only a few were stationed at the barracks with him, so there were only three or four soldiers behind him as he approached the center of the city.

The heavens continued to weep as he sloshed his way through the pounding rain, only pausing when he saw a familiar figure moving to an unknown beat in the cold. The silky red hair plastered to her face marked her as the princess, and the fluid way she danced against the freezing droplets was making everyone behind him stop and stare.There were plenty of desirable women in Nyvallya, but none of them held a candle to Seraphina. She was in her own league. As she moved gracefully to her own beat, he found himself entranced by her skill and beauty. The feeling of awe was a familiar one that he had to bury. She wasn't his to gawk at, and he was able to compose himself faster than any of the nearby soldiers.

Rueben...Come join me...

He chuckled at the enticing invitation. Seraphina knew the allure she had, and she knew the power she had over men. The effect she had on him wasn't quite the same though. "You want me to get sick too princess?" He drawled, his stormy gaze glittering in amusement as he stared her down. Seraphina is the only woman he knew, that could get away with discarding all of her worries in the rain. She wasn't concerned about getting sick, her only real concern was the flow of her limbs, and the sway of her hips. Despite his incredulous tone, he couldn't say no to a pretty woman. Before he was consciously aware of it, he found his body moving of it's own accord. His callous fingers closed around hers, accepting her dance. Without missing a beat, he fell into step with Seraphina. His hands slid down her hips for a brief moment, as his legs flawlessly glided into the passionate dance. "Or did you just need a dance partner?" He asked, smoothly matching her move for move. There were brief moments of contact. Whisper like touches that only lasted for a few seconds before the dance tore them apart again. After a while he had to stop, because there were certain boundaries he refused to cross. Their flirting had always been a game. But it had never amounted to anything before.

Because she was a princess.

And he was nothing but a loyal vassal.

He captured her wrists, to still the movements of the fans, and peered down at Seraphina with a questioning expression. "You're too happy." He observed, after taking a few minutes to intently study her expression. "...Why?" His tone wasn't accusing, or angry. In fact he sounded utterly exasperated, like he knew she was up to something. She was strong enough to tear out of his grasp if she wanted, so if she really wanted to avoid the question all she had to do was leave.

Rueben wanted answers, but he would never force Seraphina to do something she didn't want to do.

...No one could force Seraphina to do something she didn't want to do.


Deep in the dungeons, Ventus was just waking up.

There was a frigid cold invading his limbs, and as his comatose senses drank in his surroundings he began to notice things. The damp stone beneath him. The distinct lack of sunlight in the room. The heavy weight of chains encircling his wrists. As he moved his hands, the dismal clank of metal echoed in the tiny space around him--Startling him to a fully alert state. "What...Where..." His eyes widened at the raspy tone of his voice. He didn't even sound like himself. He had no idea where he was. Or why he was waking up in an unfamiliar place. "What the hell is going on?" He groaned, letting his head thud back against the slab of stone behind him. As his skull impacted against the wall a familiar javelin of pain coursed through his head.

This wasn't the first time he'd bruised the back of his head today.

It was all coming back to him.

Leaving Entei, the journey through the woods, and being nearly killed were all fresh memories. He massaged his throbbing temple to deter the oncoming headache. The pain in his head was constant, and it wasn't the only body part that hurt. All of his limbs felt battered like he'd been mercilessly thrown against sharp rocks all day."I don't even remember whose responsible for all this." he breathed, a soft exhale escaping him as he glanced up at the endless darkness above him. The shadows were dancing around in his vision as his eyes adjusted to the dim light around him.

He was in a small cell, with no windows, and the only exit came in the form of long vertical bars that he couldn't even reach. His captors had locked him up like a dog in a cage. As he sat their ruminating over his future, he began to realize just how serious his situation was. No one knew where he was. No one knew who his kidnappers were. He was completely alone in a foreign place with foreign people.

His heart rate began to accelerate as he forgot to breathe.

"I'm so screwed." He murmured, addressing no one but the air.

How was he going to get out of this???

He was so lost in his thoughts, and consumed with irrational fear, and concern that he hadn't noticed the other presence in the room. There was another prisoner in his cell, who looked just as battered and worn as he did. Covered in dirt, and grime, he didn't look like a prince, and he didn't feel like royalty right now. He felt like he was on the cusp of losing everything. Unless a miracle happened, there was no hope of him escaping this situation. Helplessly his fingers clawed against the cool surface of the stone, scraping against the floor of the cell until his nails began to bleed.

His brother Ambrose never would have gotten kidnapped.

What sort of poor excuse for a prince was he??