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located in The Ocean, a part of Destiny's Child, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Ocean



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Character Portrait: Camelia Porter Character Portrait: Darren von Hapsburg
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Darren had been sitting on the bow, his arms and legs stuck out across from the railings, his head bobbing up and down as the ship had moved along the calm sea. He had fallen asleep- or more like, a stupor- with his eyes open, glaring at the dark waves that had intrigued- enticed- him, the soft rippling movements of a temptress drawing him to sit down in the open, rather than back in his safe bunk. He finally stirred as sounds from the kitchen forced him to blink his bleary eyes slowly, one after the other, as if turning them on with the soft motion of his eyelids down and then back up. Here…. The memories started to click as Darren looked around, his neck cracking as he turned it left and right, his shoulders protesting as he leaned away from the railing. His arms had fallen asleep. Darren grunted as he lost control of his arms, as the little annoying particles of sand seemed to flow down within his blood stream into his arm and fingers. Nothing to be done. He shook his hands repeatedly as he returned to gazing at the sea- it was a different one from this morning. Now, it was bright and happy, compared to the dark and seductive waters Darren had seen yesterday.

So this is the life of a pirate? Darren’s eyes flickered towards the kitchen before his eyes flickered back onto his hands, as he kneaded them against his legs, ignoring the shooting pain that shot up his arm whenever he did. The sea…and a crew almost like a family… He sighed- he was thinking too much. As per to Him- Darren clenched his fist, a look of pure hatred flashed upon his face- until it was gone again. He was on a mission, but not one that he had signed up for when he had stepped onto this boat. No. Looking around, Darren leaned slowly against the railing, his eyes vacant and his hair messy, swaying in the damp sea air. This was only an intermediate phase, to help him get to the destination he wanted to reach. My…target. For his newest mission that had been passed down to him from the higher ups. Even the captain didn’t know- but well, probably, he did know something. It wasn’t everyday that an explosives expert comes forth with a larger array of knives than explosives. But Darren had been able to quell any questions about his talent with explosives. He had been trained to- it was his job. My…job… His hands back to normal, Darren wiped them on his coat and slowly got up in a fluid motion, the hidden knives that Darren had placed in his blazer grazing his skin without making any noise.

It was another day on the ship, and Darren still had no idea what to do. Explosives expert… What did that mean? Was he supposed to help out on the ship? But no matter, Darren would have done anything the captain asked for him to do- except for murder. That was only from the higher-ups only, the ones that had forcibly trained him into what he was today. Taking the view of the sky, the sea, and enjoying the crisp air that blew around him, Darren felt at ease for once in a long time- until his stomach rumbled. Darren looked down at his stomach, his eyes wide as if shocked by the sound. Food… But there were people in the kitchen. Hesitating, Darren shook his head before taking a step forward, and then another, and then more towards the kitchen, his face emotionless but inside it was a completely different story. He had never interacted with people as the ship crew members did with one another- he never knew people could treat others as they did on this ship. He also knew that some didn’t like him- and, anyways, he was on here for a mission not on a quest to find friends.

Ignoring the other people as he walked in, Darren made his way around the table and sat in a corner, his face gloomy and his aura bored. At least, he hoped that it was so. Without his mask on, Darren felt as if all of his emotions were out in the open for all to judge and inspect- he could not hide anything. But now it was not important. He had a new mission. Food… Turning his head, Darren gazed at the busy Camelia, waiting for her to present something for the people that now sat at the table.