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Snippet #2487666

located in Avaandi, a part of Suspended in Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Anastasia edged away from the slamming carraige door quickly, eyes worried beneath her blindfold, hands groping around, trying to yank free of her bonds, trying to keep as silent as possible.

Honestly, she had absolutely no clue what the whole thing was all about. All she felt was the relentless pounding of her heart, the spasms of her breathing, the tearing of the bounds against her wrists, rubbing them raw, digging in without mercy. She froze at the sound of a cold, cruel laugh of amusement, a plague of a sound.

"No use doing that, Miss," the voice said without a single hint of emotion, kindred or cruel. Huh. The laugh had been more revealing. "It won't work. Keep trying, it won't work. But it's fun to watch, you know, so keep trying." She can practically hear his grin now.

After what seemed like hours, Anastasia, having long given up and tucked herself in a corner fearfully, not knowing how to fight, what to think of her situation, heard voices muttering to one another, apparently thinking her to be asleep. Pssh. As if she could sleep in this kind of occurence. Were they mad? Anastasia decided that was questionable. They had kidnapped her had they not?

"We need her unconcious, she can't be allowed to know."

“But she’s blindfolded, and it’s not like she could even begin to overpower us,” another voice pointed out. Anastasia couldn’t help but scowl behind her blindfold.

A sigh of exasperation. “But she can still hear. We don’t know what this girl has been trained to do, in this kind of situation, especially.”

For some reason, this statement frustrated and saddened Anastasia. Why hadn’t she been told to do in this kind of scenario? Why, in all her lessons, hadn’t her parents thought of something like this?

A grunt. “Fine, I’ll take care of it, then.”

Anastasia heard a quiet rummaged, a sense of impending dread overcoming her. No, no, no, no, no!

Something sharp pierced her skin, and she couldn’t help but whimper in pain. A quiet chuckle responded. “Just relax, Miss. You’ll be able to rest shortly.”

With that said, he poured a small vial of liquid into Anastasia’s bloodstream, and she felt all consciousness leave her being.

Anastasia let out a small groan, feeling drowsy and sick, barely able to move in her weakened state. What the Hell had happened to her?

Then it all came flooding back, and she let out a barely audible whimper of despair. No, no, no. It couldn’t be true. It’s impossible, it couldn’t be.

As her fuzzy eyesight began to straighten out, Anastasia inspected her surroundings, more out of curiosity than anything else. A dank feeling room, with gray – stone, maybe? – walls. Chains held her already raw wrists, irritating them further.

And a little ways away, another human form, gender, age, and appearance unclear to her clouded eyes.

Anastasia forced herself to sit up, but it only makes her eyesight go fuzzy once more. Groaning, she held her head in her hands, trying to connect at least a few coherent thoughts.

Finally, she managed a single, simple yet slurred word.