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located in Avaandi, a part of Suspended in Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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For two days all Rueben cared about was Seraphina. She had always been a focal point in his life, but being able to touch her. Being able to take her to his bed, and show her how much he wanted her, was surreal. She surpassed all of his expectations, and left him feeling gratified, like she was the only thing that mattered in his life. He never thought they would be able to be together like this. He remembered when he first assumed the position of her vassal. He had mindlessly done his job, and protected her from the shadows. He couldn't count the number of assassins he had caught, and eliminated over the years. He had cut down so many enemies in Seraphina's name that his armor had permanent blood stains darkening the metal. And that was before he ever got attached to her.

When he had first entered her service he considered her nothing more than a job, and a tedious one at that. She had some redeeming qualities. She epitomized the country of Nyvallya. She was young, exotic, and wild, and she fit every stereotype he could think of for a princess. He remembered never uttering a word to her because he thought she was too arrogant to listen. Members of the royal house didn't understand the heart of a soldier. They didn't like lowering themselves to speak to a commoner. And they didn't like getting their hands dirty. Every book he had ever read had told him so. Rueben had devoted long nights of study, to understanding his kingdom, his government, his princess.

But Seraphina could not be surmised in the lines of a scroll. There were no characters in the Nyvallyan language that could adequately describe her.

And after spending a couple of years as her vassal he realized it wasn't just her appearance that was beautiful. In one of the expeditions he had personally been forced to partake in--She was the one that ended up leading the war party. In Nyvallya it wasn't uncommon for a woman to lead a garrison of men into war. But what set Seraphina apart from the typical commanders was her uncanny grace, and power on the battlefield. She soaked the earth in the blood of her enemies, and the men at her back absorbed her endless passion, transforming into monsters themselves so nothing could touch their commander. Rueben had never seen an army so loyal, nor had he encountered anyone so lethal.

Seraphina singlehandedly rallied her men into a frenzy.

And the day she had conquered her first city, and put down her first rebellion was the day he had really begun to notice her. Because that day was when she had glided through the dismembered corpses on the battlefield. Red wavy hair in disarray. Lips tugged downwards into a frown. Blood was dripping down her face, and the red liquid was clinging to the tattered remains of her clothes. In one hand she held a blood crisped fan, and in the other she held the mutilated head of a child. A child of no more than 10. Holding the head up for all of her men to see, she systematically circled around every last soldier until one man fell to his knees, horror domineering his features as he claimed responsibility for the child's morbid death. Seraphina sent him a cold glance, then without any hesitation she grasped his face between her hands, and twisted the head to the side.

The crack of bone echoed in the clearing, stilling all other movement. "We don't...Kill children." Seraphina declared darkly, as the man in her hands fell lifelessly to the damp soil.

Rueben had started to like her then.


After that scintillating experience he approached his job with a new vigor, seeing the princess as more than just a means to end. She added new purpose to his life and he made great strides to be there for her. He was there when Jonah ripped her heart out. He was there to pick up the pieces, and he was there for every relationship and fling that followed. Although he found himself dealing with his first inkling of jealousy every time another man left her bedroom. It became unbearable after awhile, and in order to keep his mind off of Seraphina he decided he needed to devote himself to his job as vassal more. He donned a hood, and became the mysterious figure that no one ever wanted to cross. And when he wasn't working he was sleeping with the other eligible women of the kingdom. Finding pleasure where he could when he could.

All the while his feelings for the princess blossomed.

Now he didn't have to hide them anymore, because the woman he had yearned for was finally his. And he was ready for everything that entailed. Seraphina had confessed all of her plans to him. She had informed him of a plot that had been in the works for several generations, and how it was just now bearing fruit. Seraphina was meant to conquer the world, and Nyvallya was preparing for a battle the likes of which they had never seen before. They were going to dominate the nearby nations, and create one great country, and if he wanted to