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located in Irisu, a part of Where Have You Been, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tannin de La Roche Character Portrait: Alissa Millaris
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As they'd left the large room, Tannin had realized that he'd not said anything to Alissa regarding what she'd told him. Honestly, he'd not expected her to open up as she had. His pace was quick as he led the way through the Guild. Normally, he would have taken the hidden passages that he would normally go through but he'd decided against it with Alissa following. She would not have been able to keep up. He slowed his pace, allowing Alissa to walk next to him. He glanced down at her. "You are wrong." He said softly, smiling behind his mask. "You are not a terrible princess. Far from it. You are merely human." He fell silent for a moment as they passed a few members. They bowed in respect to Tannin though he merely continued walking. When they were alone once again, he continued.

"I cannot say that I have ever understood the need for the high born to marry off their daughters to those who would simply marry for the gain of more power. In the end, that is all most in the world care about." He glanced at her as he turned them down another hallway. "I will let you in on a secret, Princessa. The day that my Master died, I took over as the Guild Master. I was far from being ready for such responsibility. Imagine going from being in the background to being thrown into the light. I lost many nights of sleep because I had worried myself so. However, I came to realize that I could simply only do what I was able. No less. There comes a time where we must spread our wings and fly."

Tannin stopped them before a set of old wooden doors. He turned to look down at the woman. "The only advice I can offer you, Princessa, is for you to learn quickly who to trust and who not to. Keep those that are trustworthy close." He then opened one of the doors, allowing Alissa to enter first. He then followed her. He had brought them to what looked to be the infirmary. He then led the way back to the back of the room where another door was. He opened it, allowing the Princess to enter first once again. He followed, this time locking the door behind him.

There was a man sitting at the small desk. Immediately, he rose and made his way over to the pair. He bowed deeply before Tannin before turning his gaze to Alissa. "What can I do for you Master Tannin?" Tannin then proceeded to explain what had happened and who Alissa was. The old man was quickly moving the Master to a chair. "Foolish boy. You should have come here sooner. Let us see the damage that has been done."

Slowly, Tannin began removing layers so that Cassen could see the wound on his shoulder. Tannin merely looked down as his shoulder was unwrapped and looked at. Cassen checked over the stitches before moving to gather a few supplies. "Princess, if I may..your needlework is quite good for someone who has never sewn flesh before. Come here child. I will allow you to see the proper way to deal with such wounds. Had you not helped the Master, he would be dead now. He owes you his life."

Tannin had remained silent as Cassen spoke and began cutting out the stitches from his shoulder. His breathing quickly became strained as pain shot about the healing wound. "It is healing quite well. I believe that you should be able to pick up your training at any point. Just make sure not to over do it. We don't want you making things worse. I'll be trusting you, Miss Alissa, to make sure that he is taking it fairly easy. Swordplay would be fine..nothing else for at least a few more days. No climbing about or do any of that fancy acrobatics that you like to do." Cassen showed Alissa how to stitch and wrap the wound more properly. He also told Alissa that he'd give her supplies to keep the wound clean, as it would need the bandages changed twice a day.

He redressed, covering his face once again before thanking the elder man and then leading Alissa slowly back to the lowest level. He was certain that it was obvious that he was in pain. However, he ignored it. Once they were alone once again, safe from prying eyes, Tannin removed his mask and hood. He made his way over to the desk, sitting down. His gaze suddenly fell to the young woman. "Princessa, I am afraid that I have much work to do. Though, you are welcome to sit with me if you wish." He wanted nothing more than to spend time with her though he still had a job to do. He was quite behind since he'd been gone for so long. Tannin thought that perhaps they could speak while he began going over his backed up paperwork or she could read. He smiled at her, willing her to see that he would be fine with either choice she decided upon.

Tannin took hold of the first sealed letter and opened it. His eyes began reading, going over what was written. He was silent for some time as he went through several different letters and papers, writing up replies for those that called for it. After some time had passed, Tannin glanced to Alissa. "Tell me, Princessa," He started as he placed the quill down, taking a short break. "What would you do if you had nothing tying you down to the capitol. No worries. No one to worry for you there. Where would you be? What would you be doing?" He knew it was a odd question but it was something he was simply curious about. His gaze turned to her, softly resting upon her.