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Snippet #2490010

located in Saiken or Kekkon, a part of Sanity Amongst the Chaos, one of the many universes on RPG.

Saiken or Kekkon



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Character Portrait: Irono Aichi
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Kekkon Student

"Please, please just let me go home..."
The woman who was beneath the gaze of the purple haired woman was crying at this point. She had multiple cuts on her body and seemed to be bleeding. The purple haired woman quizzically tilted her head.
"But... You never answered my question... Why are you the way that you are? Why is the world the way that it is?"
"I told you a hundred times, I don't know! Now please let me go home!!"
The purple haired woman stared at the bleeding woman with her one good purple eye. She pulled out her tool from her one gaping eye socket.
"How useless. I guess you're going to have to die now."
The woman's screams were cut off by gurgles as the purple haired woman stabbed her neck first. She then proceeded to stab her body multiple times until the woman let out her last strained breath.
". . . More ink..."
The purple haired woman had gotten inspired by the kill. She dipped her fingers in the red liquid and began to draw on the wall. The picture in question was rather crude at first. It was initially a rainbow with clouds and sunshine. Then it grew more detailed, showing off a broad landscape and some decapitated animals. The woman felt a small smile grow on her lips. She then stopped her work as she felt a knife graze her cheek and land in the wall. Looking the woman found a note attached to the knife.
Irono Aichi
I've seen your work and I must say I'm very impressed~ Tell me, are you bored with how you kill? Don't you wish your skills at killing were more enhanced? Come over to Kekkon Academy and I shall teach you all that I know about how to kill.
-A Friend
Irono stared at the letter.
'I have no friends... What is Kekkon? Perhaps I can find answers there...?'
Irono then turned the note around and it showed directions on how to go to this Kekkon Academy.
'. . . I'll go then.'
Irono then stood up and walked over to the building. So far it was empty, so she decided to sit in the middle of the first room, pulling out a sketchbook and drawing in it, a small smile on her face.