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Snippet #2490239

located in Saiken or Kekkon, a part of Sanity Amongst the Chaos, one of the many universes on RPG.

Saiken or Kekkon



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Character Portrait: Suzuhi Seigi Character Portrait: Lumina Jakira Aonani Character Portrait: Ayase Takahashi Character Portrait: Masenai Django Michealis Character Portrait: Morris Donovan Graves
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Masenai had watched the other students, including the most popular of them, Aphrodite, give their greetings and silently smiled. Then the headmaster called him up to help with giving Artemis her shot.

Masenai sighs, getting up from his seat looking at The headmaster and Artemis again as he rolled his eyes. "One of these days headmaster, you have to find a sane nurse to help with the injection." He stated as he walks to Artemis, "Follow me to the infirmary we'll get it over with and be done with it as quick as you can say 'howdy doody'." With that statement he walked out of the room and off to the school infirmary where he put his sword on a coat rack and put on a doctor's coat.

"I hate these things as much as I hate Him headmaster." He stated as he waited for Artemis to catch up.

"We haven't found a single sign of him yet. But knowing people like Mr. Michealis he'll show up somewhere eventually." Was his only reply from the headmaster. By the time Artemis reached the infirmary Masenai looked at her.

"Don't worry too much on this little thing. It's like any other form of flu shot except for the fact in a few hours or less you'll start to exhibit some form of power, Zeus for example, He doesn't shoot lightning at stuff, but let's say he can talk to most species of insects and the like known to man. Some get other powers but let's focus on you."

"Just sit down in the chair and the headmaster will give you your injection." Was all Masenai could say at that point. By the time Artemis would sit down Masenai cleaned up one of her arms for the injection. "Hold your breath and count to three."