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Snippet #2490501

located in The Pokemon World, a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Pokemon World



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Character Portrait: Ryan Huntington Character Portrait: Rya Hallot
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There are 9 certified Pokémon league badges.[b]


Poliwag evolves 3 times.


Are electric moves effective against Ground type Pokémon?"


Ryan threw his hands in the air in disgust. After what felt like miles of walking, and four stupid quiz machines he was losing his mind. The air was getting thinner, so he knew he was headed up, but where in gods green earth would he find the exit to this mountain. For a fleeting moment the thought of a dead end crossed his mind, but he wiped it just as fast. That was too disappointing a possibility to entertain. There was an exit, he just had to keep going. By now the only member of his team still walking with him was Dio. The others had gotten tired and were having trouble with the stale volcanic air. He couldn't blame them, but he had to keep going, if for nothing else, but his pride. This mountain trek would not be for nothing.

He jammed his hands into his pockets and moved past the latest machine. Dio whined with boredom. He rubbed the Pokémon's head, [b]"It'll be alright bud, just a little bit longer.

A short ways up the path Ryan came across another quiz machine. With a hard sigh he stopped in from of it, brushing off the gathered dust and setting the screen alight. A new question appeared just as it always had before.

Pokémon of the same type and level are not the same.

"Ugh, True!"

With a soft ding the computer shut down like all the others before had. Yet another correct answer, yet another dose of nothing happening. He grunted and continued on. He just wanted to get out of here. This was becoming a great nuisance.

He noticed the turns in the path coming sooner and sooner. This must mean he was approaching the summit. Good, at least he was almost done with this cursed mountain. His heart fell in agony when another quiz came into sight. Behind it was a wall... A dead end. He swore quietly to himself and blew the dust off.

TM 28 contains Tombstoned?

This was the first one he'd actually had to think about. Ryan wasn't a wiz at TMs. Though he was a wiz at Pokémon moves, and Tombstoned was not a real move. False[b]

A ding... and nothing.

Ryan had the urge to scream, but swallowed it. There was no use. Nothing was in this stupid mountain. He patted Dio's head, defeated, and turned around to head back. Hopefully he wouldn't be too late meeting up with Rya.


The mountain quaked beneath him. Rocks fell from the ceiling. Was the mountain exploding, just like Mt. Moon had? Ryan covered his head and dropped to the ground, pulling Dio back into his Pokéball. Ryan flashed back to Mt. Moon and relived the explosion there. The falling rocks, Osha protecting them, their split with Jack, their rescue by Brock. Everything was hitting him at once, and all he could do was shut his eyes and try and push the memories away.

A minute later the mountain calmed and everything fell silent. Ryan uncurled himself from his position against the wall and slowly opened his eyes. It was so bright. He thought to tell Dio to tone it down, but Dio was in his ball.

He rubbed his eyes vigorously, trying to bring them to focus, and after a few seconds his sight had returned. The huge wall behind the last quiz was gone, and in it's place stood a gigantic hole in the mountain leading straight to open sky. He cautiously walked forward. He wasn't sure if the mountain was settled, or if the floor would fall out from underneath him. Carefully stepping he made his way to the hole and peered out. He was extremely high in the air, and had to make sure to brace himself, to keep the wind from throwing him from the tunnel. He was facing the opposite side of the island from where he and Rya had landed. There were a lot more ruins on this side.

In the distance he could make out an overgrown settlement which must have been Cinnabar City. It was a good mile from the base of the volcano. To his left he spotted his point of entry, by the telltale rocks he remembered. If he had made it this far, how far had Rya made it? He gazed to the left, searching for her, but he knew there was no way he'd be able to spot her from up here.

Eh, it doesn't really matter at this point. His main goal for now was to find a way down the mountain. He wanted to make it to the city if possible.

He tossed a ball, sending Leon sailing into the sky. The bird spun in the air with glee, glad to be in open sky once again.

[b]"Leon, find Rya, and show her where to meet, alright?"
A nod and a coo and the Pidgeotto was off in a tear.

Ryan smiled and looked down the mountain. "Now how do I get down from here?