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Snippet #2491290

located in Altered Earth, a part of Clandestine Awakening, one of the many universes on RPG.

Altered Earth



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Character Portrait: Jess Lillian Bethany Character Portrait: Gavin D. Landon
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A jolt shivered its way through her body, wakening her from her sleep; she jerked her body upwards, having the old ache return to its normal form. With no specific memory of much, Jess hadn’t even remembered her own name- nor what she was doing in that cave days before her venturing out into the small town. Her big, grey eyes looked into the darkness, getting use to the dimming light of the light bulb that would mysteriously go off and on periodically throughout the day.
Since the day she arrived in the town, Jess had been taking refuge in a basement of an apartment; she actually thanked her small size when she had to slip through the basement windows naked. When she got into the small room, Jess found several boxes with clothes in them; even though the boxes contained no undergarments, the dresses that she found where wearable, and to put it frank, complimented her.
The dress was a pale pink, and while it was awfully large on her- going down past her knees, it was simple and made her look smaller and younger.

She struggled to her feet, the old ache growing stronger in her stomach; this feeling she’s felt before.
She knows this feeling; it was the same feeling that gave her the urge to kill a doe giving birth in the shadows of the night- the same feeling that helped her kill several other animals and the same feeling that made her feel like a monster. None the less, she still felt the pangs of this, and knew it very well- not to mention, for some odd reason, she wanted to try to feed on a human. This queer feeling also told her that humans won’t die if she bit them and fed off of them, and for some reason, she believed this feeling.
Jess walked forward, her eyes already adjusted to the dark, empty room as she walked towards the window that had boxes stacked in front of it, making it easy to come and go as she pleased. She climbed among the boxes and pushed opened the window; her brown hair falling forward and off of her shoulders. Her hands gripped the moist, soft grass, helping her push herself off as she stumbled onto the ever so lovely grass.

The moon’s light was inviting, beautiful and almost enticingly addictive. Her grey eyes looked up towards the bright moon, staring up as she pulled her small legs out of the basement and onto the soft ground. Her bare toes and hands wrinkled into the grass, causing a small shiver to spiral down her spine, a pleasurable shiver that made her smile slightly at the moon’s cold yet friendly welcoming. Jess pushed herself up and off the ground, walking forward in the darkness, looking for her first human victim.
Her hands clasped behind her back as she walked along the road, her feet easily finding the warm pavement of the sidewalk. She twirled around, taking in the sights and smells- two young girls were walking home after a night of partying, a bitter smell filling her nose at the same time a sweet smell wavered in as a little girl and her grandfather drove past after visiting a bakery.

Jess smiled lightly, like a child who just walked into a toy store as her hands fell to her side, extending outwards as her weary legs began to move into a slow run; twirling around as she did so and ignoring the small pings of pain that came from her feet when she stepped on something along the pavement.
That was when she saw him- a tall guy walking along the dim and dark street all alone; his stature and body language nothing really special, but made Jess want to be near him all the more. She quickly crossed the street, hiding behind mailboxes as she followed them to a more isolated area, and when they did become alone, Jess tip toed towards him, her dainty legs picking up speed until she was only a few feet from his.

Jess’ steps became aligned with his, and it wasn’t until she was literately a few inches from him that she tumbled backwards, grabbing his shirt to prevent herself from falling backwards; to him, her light weight would feel more like a small tug, but to her, he supported her to stop her from falling. She flung herself upwards and towards him, her arms wrapping around his torso as she pulled herself towards him into a hug. Jess inhaled slightly, taking in his scent before she stopped and let go- this one would do. She liked him; he was strong, sturdy, tall and smelt nice.