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Snippet #2491298

located in The Pokemon World, a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Pokemon World



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Character Portrait: Ryan Huntington Character Portrait: Rya Hallot
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Ryan rubbed his hands together nervously, hoping against hope that he would survive this bat-shit crazy plan of his. At his feet lie a yawning Hector. He had to smile through the heavy beating inside his chest. His Shuckle was always so clueless and goofy. He doubted Hector even understood the danger Ryan was about to put himself in. Hector yawned once more and retreated inside his shell.

He carefully stepped on top of Hector's shell. He crouched down and slid his hands into the empty holes on top. This was crazy. Ryan shook his head, he was definitely going to die. He chuckled. Might as well just go for it.

"Let's go bud." Hector slid his arms out and slowly made his way to the edge. As they approached Ryan got a good view over the side. The drop seemed to go on for miles. Ryan swallowed hard and took a deep breath before Hector took one last lazy step over the edge.

It was the single most terrifying moment of his life, crossing over the ledge. All at once the ground below flew to greet him, little rocks bounced up in his face, and the fierce wind made his eyes tear up, but he couldn't afford to close them. He had to steer the hell-sled away from boulders, because Hector was too slow to react. His vision blackened as Hector slid faster and faster. He leaned left and right with all his might, narrowly avoiding rocks that seemed to genuinely want him dead. It was quickly getting out of control and flat ground wasn't getting any closer any faster. He was hardly even halfway down when he jumped a smaller rock, sending him spinning wildly down the mountain. He jammed his eyes shut and gripped the shell with all his might. This was it. He was dead. It was that simple. Hector let out a small grunt and his shell lit up like a light bulb.

And then he was in the air. He and Hector were sent flying high off the side of the mountain. Hector had fallen out of his shell, and his limbs were dangling loosely as the spinning slowed. Hector must have used Bide... on the ground... Ryan's mind was running a thousand miles an hour. As he flew through the air he pulled Hector's ball from his belt and returned him. He sent out Constantine in his place, who was little less than horrified to be falling as they were. Ryan grabbed onto the Pokémon's shoulders and hugged tight.

"Con... Surf!"

Constantine opened his mouth and fired a gigantic plume of water straight at the ground. The column quickly formed into a huge wave, which Constantine and Ryan landed on top of. Ryan returned Constantine and fell inside the wave. He quickly lost himself in the raging waters. He rolled and flailed in the water as it crashed into the ground. The wave dispersed and sent Ryan out of the water, this time tumbling on dry land. He covered his head and rolled without control until he eventually slid to a stop, spread eagle, in a pool of mud and dust.

He finally opened his eyes coughed up some swallowed water and let his head fall. That was... positively... the worst thing ever. He shut his eyes.

He figured a little nap wouldn't hurt... not that he had the energy to do otherwise.