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"d6 + Charisma + Trait = 24. Aria managed to get the worked up Darvis talking calmly and sensibly. "I-I don't know, ma'am." He started. "T-There was a rusted chest, and I was going to open it, but it turned into.. s-s-ome giant beast with sharp teeth. I-I tried to run but I bumped into a goblin and tripped, then more goblins came and I only got out just in time!" He blabbered, shaking."

"d20 + Perception." The Dungeon Master was pretty sure Captain Tong had not wanted to initiate a roll for looking at the grate, but he did. "Four. Critical fail. Captain Tong saw nothing at all, for a moment. Until a small glint had come into view. Before Captain Tong could make out what this thing or creature was, he slipped on some wet mud and fell on the grate. The grate was so rusted that it creaked a moment before breaking and Captain Tong became stuck in the grate." Even The Dungeon Master stiffled a laugh at the critical fail. I mean, four's a bad score enough but now he's holding up their quest until Aria gets him out.