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Snippet #2492009

located in Valderia, a part of The Magic Hunters of Valderia, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Adris Dasul Character Portrait: VPS-GWF3: Gainsboro Twelve
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Gravity. Gravity is the reason why the apples “dropped” by the tree you were lazing under hurt so much when they landed right on your forehead. It’s also why they don’t just float around or drift off into space. Everything is bound by gravity, but there are exceptions when magic comes into the mix. Being made out of lightning does have it’s benefits in that regard. Being able to float around and fly around, free from gravity sounds nice, doesn’t it? Too bad, because when you’re powering a 264 pound automaton, you’ll just have to play by gravity's rules.

Gainsboro was almost at the end of his jump, but no where near the roof of the building he was trying to jump. Being left with no other choice. Gainsboro threw the man he had been holding all this time, over the ledge and on top of the roof. The throw itself left him in an awkward, upside down plummet to the ground, landing face first. Barely recovered from the drop, Gainsboro had no time to roll out of the way as a cultist brought down it’s great axe vertically, right through one of his blade, and digging into the metal of his back. Before his attacker could wrench his axe out of him, Gainsboro rolled to the side and drew one of his swords.

It was not needed however, as he saw an alley behind him, and quickly disappeared within, darting, yet again, in and out of various streets. He began to tire of constantly running. It’s all he had been doing for a while. He was frustrated by the fact that he had such trouble fighting these abominations, his body and armaments were build for more “conventional” enemies. Enemies that would actually die, when you cleave them apart.

Coming to a stop when he deemed the area save, he checked for any new damage done to his body. Luckily it wasn’t too bad. The multi scabbard and the shattered blade prevented the greataxe cleaving too far into his back. With some awkward bending of his arms, he managed to pull it out, and it fell to the ground with a heavy dull sound. Surprised by it, Gainsboro turned around to gaze upon the weapon, and was shocked by what he saw.

“Holy shit, the blade on that thing is huuuuuge! How did i not notice it was this big!? No, a better question would be how it stuck to my back like that when the cut was relatively shallow compared to the size of this thing… It did cleave straight through my sword though.” Gainsboro said as he turned around the hilt in his hand of said sword, before chucking it over his shoulder and grabbing the axe that lies before him.
He gave the weighty weaponry a few practice swings wielding it in two hands and in one hand, and was quite delighted when he managed to swing it in one hand without too much effort. Especially so when one would take in account the overall weight and length. Although curved, the blade of the axe would be roughly one and a half feet in length, and the backside of the axe was quite broad and blunt, lending itself as a impromptu hammer of sorts.

Eventually, Gainsboro went along the way he was traveling again, and after a bit of searching, he came around familiar space. However, as he was halfway down a particular street, his vision of a street changed into one of the sky. As he tried to orientate himself, he saw a building rushing towards him. By the time he realised it was the exact opposite, he already collided and went through what seemed to be a garage door.

Having gathered his wits, he noted that he was in a car workshop, tools and various Paraphernalia strewn about, most likely abandoned in haste, and a partially disassembled car in the middle of the room. There wasn’t anymore time too look around though, as the hole he created, widened with a screech as metal twisted and contorted as a huge figure pushed it to the sides, and set foot into the workshop. Gainsboro noted that the figure was also one of the cultists, only far taller and broader than the others he had seen up till now. Another thing he noted was that the cultist was wielding a greataxe, the exact same greataxe he had claimed his not long ago.

The looming giant approached him in a slow and tedious manner, enjoyment of the situation visible on it’s face, mainly due to it’s disgusting grin. Quickly looking around the room, he saw no other exits, only the things he spotted earlier and a barrel next to him. Acting out of desperation, he stood up and threw the barrel at the giant, trying to buy time. This was supposedly a bad idea, as the cultist immediately started running towards him, and slashed the barrel in two, spraying fluids all around him and on himself. In no time, the cultist was upon Gainsboro. He grabbed him with one hand and threw him against the car, slamming him against the frontside of the car, and onto the floor.

Holding him down by pressing one hand upon his collar, he slammed the axe right into his chest, as Gainsboro struggled in vain. His assailant dragged the axe towards him, causing it to cut through the metal, and leaving a large rent all the way down to his lower torso. He forcefully pulled out the axe and held it up high above him ready to strike. Gainsboro, having become truly desperate aimed both his hands at the cultist and fired his photon shot, just before he struck down. The cultist however, was faster. Just before the bolt could leave his hands, the axe struck him not in the chest, but cleaved it’s way into his left arm.

The impact caused his arm to explode, flinging both him and his attacker across the room, while at the same time the explosion igniting the spilled fluid. moments later, the car exploded as well. By the time Gainsboro was aware of his surroundings, the whole building was in flames, as well as the cultist. He saw it dropping the greataxe on the ground as it clawed at it’s face, all whilst screaming. With considerable difficulty he stood up and limped his way towards the axe. Grabbing it with his still functioning right arm, he steadied himself before slamming the axe repeatedly into the cultists head till it fell down, and the whole of him dispersed into ash. Having killed the abomination, he limped towards the hole before stumbling out of it, back into the street.
Somewhere near the building, he spotted his slingbag, which likely got there as it fell of his shoulder while he was thrown. He made his way towards the bag and tried to pick it up with his left arm. It was only then that he noted that he couldn’t, as his lower arm, along with most of his upper arm was simply gone. laying down the axe, he fumbled the bag open with his right arm, and pulled out a yellow poncho. With even more difficulty, he managed to put it on and close the bag, and slung the bag over his left shoulder. Picking up the axe again, he limped his way towards what he recognised as the train station in the distance.