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located in Alamar., a part of Dungeons and Drag-AAAAAH!!!, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: The Dungeon Master Character Portrait: Captain Tong Character Portrait: Aria Hawklight
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Captain Tong attempted to brace himself against the walls as his young companion had suggested, but unfortunately found no purchase, his metal limbs only scraping painfully against the damp brick. It was a blessing, quite frankly, that he was far too concerned with how painful the impact with the ground might be, to consider what exactly it was the walls were slick with.

After he finally hit the ground, with painful crash that made Aria flinch from the sound, Tong made a sound of pain, pain that didn't make any biological sense, but then again magic, and looked around.

"Are you alright?" A concerned voice called from the overworld. "Aye, I just dandy. Like a colonial rebel." In his annoyance with the situation, as well as the pain recently inflicted, he didn't do as well at holding back his character's usual manner of speech. "Then move, I'm coming down." The voice was noticeably less concerned now.

Thinking on why he was asked to move, the obvious reason being of course that she didn't want to step on him, John asked his younger sibling a question that had been on his mind since shortly after this whole business about being in the game had started, and had actually occurred to him even before that, when he first heard the character Alex would be playing. "So," he began, stepping aside and consciously attempting to maintain more of his real speech pattern. "why a Magical Girl? Also, why have her wear a dress?"

Aria stopped descending the ladder, so that they were both at about eye-level with one another, and looked at the Warforged evenly. "Firstly: This, " she used the hand not holding on to tug on the shoulder of her clothing, "is not a dress. It is a tunic. An oversized one perhaps, but I actually am wearing pants underneath the tunic and the cloak, which was actually not uncommon for most of Europe at the time that D&D is supposed to be based off of, but-" John rotated his hand in a 'move along' way, finding much to his amusement that it went all the way around. "Anyway, the second thing is, Magical Girls almost always wear a dress while in costume, it's just an intrinsic part of what they are. Finally, I have my reasons for choosing the class, but the middle of a sewer is really not the place to discus them."

Speaking of which, looking around, Tong could see how oddly large the sewer was, big enough that he could stand comfortably for one thing. "Hey, does this sewer seem a bit... absurdly spacious to you?"

Aria, who had just reached the ground and looked around as well, answered with "Not really. I mean it is large, but it makes sense." "It makes sense? What city of this size could possibly produce enough sh-" "Actually," Aria quickly countered before the golden pirate could finish, "A lot of cities around the world have sewer systems this large. The London sewer system constructed during the Victorian period is positively massive by most standards."

For the moment, Tong found this answer to be satisfactory, and the pair began considering their options in moving forward, looking carefully at all exits, and being sure to listen for any noises. Aria also checked the floor, gross as it might have been to do so, for any sign of Darvis' travel through the area.