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Stark Tower

"Welcome to Stark Tower! Please don't touch that!"


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Date and Time – Saturday June 1, 2013 @ 4:32pm
Place – Stark Tower (Manhattan, New York City, New York)
Setting – Six months ago the Avengers began their scouting for apprentices to help them and carry on their legacy. After five months they found twenty-nine potentials after narrowing down from two thousand and fifty-eight, finally narrowing it down to eight. These eight individuals were approached in May and filled in on what would happen. Some were met with welcoming smiles others, not so much. Some were quick to join, others...not so much. Today, they are arriving at Stark Tower for the first time. Their new home.

Tony Stark was rich. Wildly so. And he had a taste for the finer things in life. So maybe, just maybe, this would be better than her previous studio apartment. She might actually have a full kitchen to work with and a bedroom that didn't have a full view of the bathroom. The young woman had to admit that as scary as it all was it was also completely exciting. She had no idea who her other new team mates would be but she suddenly felt very self-conscious. What if they were better than her? For all she knew, they were all trained fighters and hackers and whatnot. In the words of Director Fury himself: “She's just a waitress.” The Council, whoever they were, along with some of the Director's advisors didn't seem very hopeful for her after finding her YouTube channel. She was whimsical – It wasn't a crime! But was she fit to train with Captain America and the other Avengres? Seriously; One minute she's serving him pie and milk only to turn around a second later to become his apprentice. She used to box and do some underground fighting... But that was ages ago. She hadn't fought in, what – Six years? Did she even remember how?

But the Captain had asked her and she didn't want to disappoint him.

It was all pretty intimidating as she waited for the ding of the elevator. She had been directed to the 93rd floor by a rather out of shape man that insisted that he be called “Happy”. It was a peculiar nickname for a man that didn't look particularly joyous, but perhaps it was on of those ironic nicknames. Like a large man called “Tiny” or a skinny guy called “Fat Joe”. Nonetheless, she thanked him promptly and had made her way to the elevator with her duffel bag, violin, and her dogs. She had a lot of different ideas of what her new home would look like but she still found her breath stolen when the elevator doors opened to reveal the most elegant room that she had ever seen. The view of the city was gorgeous – But how could it not be when “Avengers Tower” was the tallest building in New York City? [Besides the Empire State Building, of course] She walked out of the elevator before the doors could close, struck into silence by the sheer amount of space from the open floor plan.

She didn't have to ask where anything was besides the rooms and bathrooms – There was a bar and kitchen to her right, a sort of “common area” right in front of her, and every other part of the open space seemed to be work space or There were six sets of stairs that lead up to six doors in a circle like the large room was and she was able to get a good look at them, noticing that they were numbered one through six with various symbols on them – Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, a black widow, Iron Man's arc reactor, a target, and a green “H”. There was an extra door though it bore no symbol; It simply held nameplates like one might find on a teacher's door. She made her way up the stairs that lead to Captain America's room [or so she was assuming], though she turned right where the extra door was between his and Thor's room. Apollo. The code name that S.H.I.E.L.D. had allowed her to take was on one of the nameplates. Smiling, she ran her fingers over it before looking for a handle. None of the doors had handles. Curious, she pressed her hand against the door and jumped back, startled when a small blue pad extended from the door. She looked around, unsure of what to do about it.

She finally came to the conclusion that it was a biometric scanner and placed her hand against it, praying that she didn't set off some alarm. There was a thin blue light that scanned her hand before professional and British accented male voice rang out. “Agent Apollo. Avenger Apprentice. Identification verified. Welcome to Avengers Tower Miss Torres.” J.A.R.V.I.S. spoke out to her from what seemed like everywhere and nowhere at the same time when she checked herself in, the door sliding to the left smoothly. It lead into a short corridor with six doors, three on either side. She moved down the hall until she came to the door with her name on it, grinning at the colorful decorations on it. It slid open without prompting, only furthering her state of awe as it revealed a small room that fit a queen sized bed, a vanity, two doors [one she assumed lead to a bathroom and the other to a closet], and a desk. It was large enough to have her few cherished items – that she wasn't carrying with her – scattered and placed neatly on shelves.

She removed the leash from her dogs and smiled as they immediately pounced onto the bed and made themselves comfortable. “Happy here, I take it?” Astrid gave a light laugh as she petted the dogs' heads before flopping onto the bed with them, lying on her back and glancing over to see her sugar glider's cage sitting on a shelf, the small creature within resting happily. “I guess this is home now, guys. Until I fail miserably and get evicted. We could go back to Xavier's though...” She gave a light pout as she talked to herself. “I'm quite sure that you'll do just fine, Special Agent Torres. While most recent media depicts you as quite whimsical and a tad reckless, you've got an impressive background in fighting. Captain Rogers speaks often of your work ethic and persistence. Patience is the key.”

Who would have thought that she would one day be comforted by an invisible robot? She gave a light smile and got up from the bed, whistling for her dogs to follow, grabbing Jade from her cage and heading back downstairs just after checking in the mirror that her chest was covered and the scars under her tattoos on her arms weren't showing too much. “That's what they keep saying. Thanks... Mister Robut?” She paused on the stairs, unsure of how to address the polite creation of advanced intelligence. “You may call me J.A.R.V.I.S.” Astrid gave soft giggle and jumped the last seven steps, landing in a crouched position. “Got a shorter name?” She stood and walked towards the bar, her blue eyes scanning over the alcoholic contents lacing the shelves. “Actually, that is the short version. It stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” He sounded quite a bit embarrassed as he said it.

Laughing, Astrid shimmied around the bar with her pets in tow. Setting down her violin and putting Jade on her head, she lifted a brow. “Mister Stark isn't good with creative names, huh?”

“No, not exactly.”

“What name would you have chosen for yourself, if I may ask?”

“I quite like Archibald. But that seems rather stuffy.”

“Then we'd just call you Archie.”

“Quite kind of you, Special Agent Torres.”

“How about you just call me Astro and I'll call you Archie?”

“A deal it is... Aren't you only twenty?”

Astrid paused, a hand just shy of grabbing a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey from the shelf. She looked around with wide eyes. “You can see me?”

“You're not exactly invisible. Is that a power of yours?”

“I... Uh. Of course not!” Her lie wasn't completely smooth, taken off guard. She wasn't exactly well versed with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. “I am only twenty. And I'm about to start training to fight crime and save the world. I think a drink is much needed... I was just a waitress yesterday.” She gave a wistful gaze into empty space as if looking into the AI's eyes, smiling when a sigh was uttered. She snatched the bottle from the shelf and sat on the floor, kicking off her shoes to show off her hamburger socks and wiggling her toes. Head back, the bottle soon made friends with her lips as she began to chug.