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"Perception + d20." The DM rolled to see if Tong saw anything at all. "16. Tong couldn't see much, as the sewers became darker, but before the darkness blocked his vision, he saw what would have looked like a swimming pool in any other place. This was the only way visible in the dark, apart from a hole in the left wall where the goblins must have made their shelter."

"Perception + d20." The Dungeon Master rolled to see if Aria saw anything on the floor. "One. Critical failure." The DM couldn't help but burst into laughter, barely composing herself enough to say;
"Aria examined the ground, but saw nothing of interest. Bending slightly, her feet gave way and she-" The DM started to laugh. "-She fell face first. Splodge." The DM lost her composure and continued to laugh. "Splodge!!" She giggled non-stop.