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"Hm," Tong began. "There seems to be a hole of some sort. According to the GM the goblins must have used it for-"

He was interrupted by a slick, squelching sound, accompanied by a mix between a soft thud and a splat. Looking over revealed Aria to be facedown on the ground. Grabbing the girl by the hood of her cloak, Tong lifted her up out of the muck. "Ye really ought to be more careful there. We're in a sewer you know."

What came next was not the extremely eloquent speech that he had expected, the one that basically amounted to a suggestion that he preform some very questionable actions involving his rapier and his backside. Instead it was a pitifully woeful wail that perfectly combined without words pain, despair, abject horror, and maddening disgust. Honestly, the former pirate captain couldn't think of how he would even begin to spell it if for some reason it needed writing down.

After what had to be at least five good seconds of this cry, Aria, still being held above the ground, grabbed the golden Warforged's cape and began vigorously scrubbing at her face, desperately trying to remove all of the... residue. For a moment, he almost pulled it away from her, this was a good cape darn it! Even after its trip down the grate it had only suffered minor tearing. He didn't though, thinking of the, the sound, that she had made. It would just be too cruel.

Once the Magical Girl was finished addressing that matter, Tong attempted to put her down, at which she merely scrambled onto his back, and then refused to move.

John gave a dramatic sigh, perhaps, no definitely, more so than necessary, and just tore off the part of the cape that she had utilized, throwing it aside. This was, of course, to prevent another incident like that one by her bumping into it. Quite frankly, John now though, he should have expected this from his younger sibling. Even in the real world Alex had been squeamish, and even he had to admit that the idea was a little gross.

That didn't mean that he didn't see the humor in it, he probably would have laughed along with the GM, had he noticed a little earlier, but that wail... There wasn't much a way to laugh at that.

Walking over to the hole in the left wall, he began to examine it with extreme caution. Calling Aria to do the same, he spoke to the weight on his back. "Hey, kiddo. Looks like they made camp here? Where do you wager they went? Think they'll be coming back?" Stirring slightly, Ms. Hawklight began peering over one large metal shoulder at the place the goblins had taken shelter.