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located in Valderia, a part of The Magic Hunters of Valderia, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Adris Dasul Character Portrait: VPS-GWF3: Gainsboro Twelve
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Ah, gravity. It is such a thing he hate. In the water, he always felt like he was floating in the water. Like a bird flying through the sky, minus that he was a giant monster. Either way, as he remebered that he had a life to live, he realisd that they were in the middle of jump, hurling toward a wall. He knew that they wouldn't make it, despite he judged the jumps was very good.

Adris was surprise as he was thrown up. He thought that both of them will make on the next roof top. He was worried about his friend that was going to pummel down to the ground, and maybe hit the wall in front of them. At last, he would reach the roof top. Unfortunately,without proper momentum, he landed roughly on his side. It scraped off his coat some more, but he already good for scrap after the chunk missing on his shoulder went away. Without any regrets, he tossed his coat away, floating through the wind. It revealed his belt with the guns and charger. He looked down upon the scene, seeing his momental friend was in a tight situation. Since his sight was now clear, he decided tyhat he would give into shooting once again.

And so he took one of his magnum out, knelling down as he rested one of his hand on the deadly trigger, and another on the butt of the charger. One of his eyes closed as he looked through the visor. He shoot once, hitting his target quite easily in the head. He learned it was the only way to defeat them. He made it look easy, but it is through rough years of practising in the art of shooting that he gained this deadly aim. Also, he had a bit of his own advantages... He would miss a shoot though, but he did cleaned up the job with the next shoot. Adris cleaned up around his friend, but he couldn't try aim for an enemy that was close to him. His taller mass made it impossible to determine if he was in danger of killing him more than his enemy. Click goes his weapon goes as he couldn't kill. He had skill some bullets left on him, but he guessed that it was better for him to go. With the noise that his shoots made, he was sure to be heard from his enemies, and his allies as well. Although, he hated to leave some behind, he would guess his friend would have preferred to be so.

" Good luck, mate. " He screamed once as he ran away from the scene.

He jumped through other roof top, having a bit more easier than his friend had since he didn't to support someone. He tried to orient himself towards where they were going before the sewer scene, but because how mouvemented the situation is, he was sure where to go. He decided with his luck, going toward the train station. After all, the gates ere probably closed so there wouldn't be, more monsters like that, and the fact it was preferrably safer to go there together instead of travelling through the town alone to get to the gates.

He would then hear a crash far away, and he hoped that his friend was okay...He ran towards the train station. He noticed an emergency staircase. He quickly ran down of them. He knew that he might not survive the fall. However, as he pulled up to the train station, he was soon aimed at with a gun. He quickly reached for his badge, which was in his pants and raised his hands in the air.

"Adris Dasul. Detective at ---"

"Yeah, yeah, can read you know? What I want to know is why you have this nasty wound of yours." The guard cut him off. Adris looked over his unfinished healed wound. As the guard said, it looked nasty.

"Long story short, one of my comarates threw me on a rooftop and I fell on my shoulder." It was true for his coat, but not the wound itself.

"Yeah, I don't buy it." He then looked over the other, screaming: "We might have a case here guys!" He then looked back at Adris. "I'm not finished with you, weither infected or not. Adris frowned, but he nodded softly, keeping a serious face