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Even at the early hour, the capital of Daihne's streets were filled with people. People of every one of Daihne's many races. Even a Dark Elf was present, but if people knew, things would go from organized to chaos in an instant. It was market day, and if Keefar got caught by the wrong people, it would end very quickly. The Dark Elf wore a cloak of forest green, something that blended in with his former home. The cloak covered three things, his dark skin, his white hair, and the blood seeping from several cuts and slicing on his body. He had just been chased out of his former home in the forest just outside the capital. A group of Wood Elves had decided that they wanted to live there, and didn't want to share with the man that was already living there. So they hurt him and chased him out. Keefar had no other choice but to turn to help in the capital. A city that, like all others, hated Dark Elves.

He was hoping to seek refuge at one of the churches. Because they wouldn't freak out and attack the moment they saw him. And he may be able to use the whole, help everyone in the name of the goddess Isara thing against them. So that is why Keefar gracefully weaved his way through the crowds of market day. As tense as the bow that was slung across his back. He hated crowds and was not too happy about this situation. With every step he took people bumped into him or got too close, making certain that the adrenaline filled Dark Elf stayed adrenaline filled. It was great for the pain, but terrible for the bleeding. And the bleeding was going to kill him a lot faster than the pain.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he got through the worst of the crowds and could relax a little bit. He no longer had to worry about people knocking the hood off his head. But now was the hard part. Finding a church. He had never been in the capital before and had no idea where he was going. So he would just have to walk until he found it. Because he couldn't risk asking for help, for they may see under his hood. And then Keefar really wouldn't have a chance at surviving.