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Sol pushed through the crowds, using his height to his advantage. He was on the lookout for supplies. Hazel wanted to stock up before heading on to their next quest, so she had sent him to buy some. Honestly, Sol didn’t understand why he had to do the shopping. Hazel was much better at bargaining than he was. If only she wasn’t so keen on staying inside…

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a cloaked figure. Sol immediately narrowed his eyes. Everything about the person just screamed suspicious. The person was tense and anxious. hiding under the hood as if it was his only lifeline. Supplies forgotten, Sol trailed the cloaked being and followed him away from the market towards the less crowded parts of the city.

Sol walked closer, hand on his sword. Since there weren't many people around, Sol could safely confront the person. Hopefully, whoever-it-was wouldn't make a scene. But even if the cloaked man did, Sol was confident he could handle him.

“Excuse me, sir,” said Sol. “What are you doing?” He reached out to grab the person’s shoulder. Then, Sol looked down and realized that the person’s cloak was stained with blood.