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Keefar was already a bundle of nerves, so when somebody reached out and grabbed his shoulder, he jumped and shuddered. He hated it when people touched him, it instantly brought goosebumps to his skin and was overall just uncomfortable. He hadn't gotten much in the way of interaction with people in the past thirty years. So the sensation might as well have been new to him. He whipped around, just barely making sure to keep his face covered, coming face to face with a man holding a sword. Which did nothing to help his adrenaline situation. He was pretty sure that if he didn't calm down soon, he'd bleed to death. The Dark Elf took a few steps back, creating some distance between him and the man with the sword. All he could do is hope the man didn't see that he was a Dark Elf, and could somehow talk his way out of the situation. "J-just walking. Is it illegal now?"

Not the best of starts. Actually it was terrible. The stutter at the beginning just further showed his nervousness in the situation, and he probably managed to piss the man off. Keefar was pretty sure he could outrun the man with his natural Elvish speed if needed. But he would not be able to keep his hood on the entire time. And he still didn't know where one of the churches of Isara was. The disciples of the goddess of love were his only chance at staying alive, even if just a little longer. Not that he had much to live for in the first place.

He had lost everyone that could even be considered family. He didn't know where the closest Dark Elf community was. He had no home to return to. And now he was being confronted by a man with a sword. Things were looking pretty bad in a day that he thought couldn't get any worse.