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located in New Orleans, a part of The Witch and The Witchhunter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Orleans



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Jacqueline Lavaeu

"Geez...such 'strict' rules." Marcus replied with a small laugh. Jacqueline could only smile. She couldn't believe he stayed there all night, his hand wrapped around her thigh. If he were Ghede should have worked...However, her leg was still quite sore, her bandages still wet with fresh blood, not nearly as much as last night but enough.

It didn't matter though, he tried, which meant, he atleast wanted to believe, and therefore he stayed.

"What are you...some kind of Christian nut." He said and removed his hand that was still wrapped around her leg. He took her hand and raised it to his lips, for a small kiss. Jacqueline smiled softly, sitting up straight. She watched him looking about himself and the room and she too noticed it was covered in mud and blood. Normally she would have lost her mind, she was a stickler for that sort of thing but considering the circumstances, she wouldn't dare complain.

"I...owe you a new couch and..carpet."

"No, Mon-chère," She told him, as he lay his head against the couch, she placed a soft hand on his forehead, and softly stroked his hair back. "You don't owe me anydz'ing." She said softly. "In fact, I owe you," She said and propped herself up on her feet. Her leg was on fire but she swallowed it without so much as a thought. "Dz'ere are six bathrooms in dz'is house. 7 bedrooms.'ave your pick of eidz'er one." She said and smiled. "You need proper rest and a 'ot shower, not in dz'at order." She said and pulled him to his feet, with a small giggle.

"Come." She said and with a limp, she led him upstairs. "I'll clean up once I've finished my shower." She told him as they made their way upstairs, she stopped at the top of the stairs, and opened the linen closet, she pulled a few towels. "'ere," She handed them to him then made her way to the large room of the left. "Dz'is is my room," She said standing in the doorway. "Let me know if you need anydz'ing." She said, and was about to turn before looking at him again.

She walked over, raised to her toes to place a small kiss to his cheek, nearest his lips.

"Dz'ank you," She said softly. "For....everdz'ing." She said and disappeared inside of her bedroom, softly closing the door behind her.

With that, she took a breath, and made her way to the en suite. Peeling off her bloodied, mud covered clothes, she threw them in the laundry bin, she palmed her forehead when she realized she didn't give him anything clean to where but a few towels but since she was already undressed, she climbed in the shower anyway, and figure something out.

In the back of her mind, she wondered what he would looked like in just a towel.

Once in the shower, she sighed softly as the hot water ran over her sore body, washing away the blood and mud.

She looked down, seeing a swirl of red in the drain, coming from her bandages. She unwrapped them gingerly, the hot water clearing away the blood as she did so. She frowned some as she looked at the wound, she could have sworn the hole was bigger then that. It felt bigger anyway. She ingored it and kept on cleaning under she reached under her thigh and felt...nothing...unmarked skin.

She gasped, as she felt around, thinking maybe she just missed it, but no, there was nothing. The wood went directly through her leg, through the back first, why was there no entry wound.

Then it hit her.

"Marcus..." She breathed. He did it. He healed her, albeit only half way but still. There was no logic explaination. Sure he probably didn't believe it, but he wanted to, otherwise he wouldn't have continued to try after she fell unconscious.

She closed her hand over her mouth. He was Ghede Nibo...He had to be...His connection was weak due to denile and false claims but it was there. There was no denying it now.

She looked back down at her leg, the wound was closing, slowly but surely, so she'd wait to show him once it was completely gone.

Once she finished with her shower, she brushed, dressed in a white floral top, and capri shorts that stopped just above her knee, and she squeezed out her wet hair, with a towel but let it airdry the rest of the way

She collected the laundry bin, her IPod, and made her way downstairs, before taking on the task of cleaning the mud and blood covered house.