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Snippet #2496256

located in Winterborne Asylum, a part of Winterborne, one of the many universes on RPG.

Winterborne Asylum



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Character Portrait: Nyla La'Rouge
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“Nyla, stay with me." his voice was faded as Nyla drifted to sleep. She couldn’t help it even if she wanted to.

Cameron Hewitt was a brilliant doctor straight out of med school. He’d become obsessed with Nyla’s case as a freshmen in college and it had become is goal to treat her and get her out of Winterborne. He was so intrigued by her story, the test that had been done on her, and the way her mind worked. He’d been her doctor for the past six months. His latest venture, hypnosis, which only caused Nyla to slip into her unconscious, consciousness.
It was silent now, the air was frigid and small beads of ice had already started to form on the tips of her raven colored lashes. The croaking of a bird caused her eyes to flutter open, she knew exactly where she was. She’d been there a million times before a world she’d created to escape her cruel fate at Winterborne. She stood up as ash fell like snow around her covering the ground. Above her the dead tree branches entangled making the gray mid-day sky imitate pieces of a shattered mirror.

The straps of her white dress hung from her shoulders threatening to fall off her thin frame. In her world, she was more alive, she didn’t look like a zombie or like death was always hanging over her. Her pale skin resembled pure porcelain. Her eyes were liked in black, bring life to her brilliant blue eyes and her lips were pained the color of blood. Her fishnets were ripped and her boots were worn.

She Started to walk, knowing she had t, because night fell sooner her, then it did in the real world and being in the forest at night would get her killed. There were things here in this world that would drive the most sane person completely mad. She could see her breath as she moved quickly through the dead forest. Someone was following her, she could hear the foot steps behind her clearly, but they were always following her, she didn’t turn and her heart rate stayed the same. She didn’t fear this world, she’d created it every horrible being, every violent monster, was hers.

She stopped peering at the old church in front of her and her blood ran cold at the sound of the forlorn howls of the shadow wolves, dark demonic wolves that hunted in the shadow praying on the weak, there black eyes as cold as death itself. She pushed the doors of the church open. Despite the outer appearance of the decrepit church the inside, the inside remained beautiful, solemn, and untouched. The soft hum of a women chanting. The music put her on edge, this dream was different.

“Ny. Wake up.” she heard her brother’s voice and it felt like ages since she’d heard that voice. She turned to see her brother standing, lend against one of the pews causally. “It’s going to get worse.” she narrowed her eyes, it was really him, God she’d missed him.

“A simple hi would be nice.” she smirked, she wanted to reach out and hug him and tell him how much she missed him, but Nyla had become so dead inside that she wasn’t even sure she remembered what a hug felt like and she was afraid she’d fall apart if she felt her brother’s touch, even if it was just a dream.

“Nyla I’m serious.” he said raising his voice as he pushed off the pews and advanced towards her like he was going to shake her awake only he walked through her disappearing and it felt as though he own soul had been taken from her body. Her body was freezing, like a corpse.

“What the fuck.” She breathed knowing instantly something’s was wrong. She weaved her own dreams long enough to know you couldn’t weave a real like human into your dreams and when you did, they never had faces, but that had been her brother and that had been a warning. She heard the clicking of a gun, the smooth exchange of the bullet into the barrel of a gun and she turned to see her father and for the first time in a long time she could decide whether it was real or a dream, because he was there, in front of her just like the night he’d killed her mother, and Parker, and then himself.

“I should have shot you first princess.” He smirked wickedly and Nyla’s heart beating wildly in her chest and her breathing speed, the gun was aimed right at her chest and everything seem to go silent as he pulled the trigger, time slowed and then speed back up when the bullet ripped through her skin, causing her to scream out in pain and drop to the ground. She watched her dress fade from white to a deep red around her heart. She could literally feel herself, her real-self dying. Her eyes began to flutter shut as they grew heavy and she tried fighting it.

When her eyes fluttered open again, she was strapped down to a cold metal gurney. Bright lights above blinding her and she watched the nurse pull the needle out of her chest. She’d died, for a split second she’d actually been dead and they’d had to revive her, with an adrenaline shot to the heart. She flicked her eyes to the window where Dr. Hewitt stood watching her worriedly. All she could think was what the fuck had just happed. If the other Winterborne patients and staff didn't think she was a fucking nut case before, they sure as hell would now. She always had control of her dreams, she'd learned how to control them when she was a little girl and real people couldn't physically be brought into your dreams it was the law, unless they were faceless or something was off about them. But, she'd lost control and the had been her father and her brother. Whatever Dr. Hewitt had down to her this time had nearly killed her.