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located in Winterborne Asylum, a part of Winterborne, one of the many universes on RPG.

Winterborne Asylum



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Character Portrait: Ryley Spicer
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Ryley sat in a clean and rigid chair. Before him, a matching table and his doctor sat across from him in a chair that matched his own. There was paper and a few different colored pencils sitting before Ryley. "Tell me have the visions been since our last talk?" Doctor Markham said as he eyed his patient. The younger man was silent for a few moments as he continued on the drawing he was working on. He hated the talks he was forced to have with Markham. However, he liked the man. He was only doing his job. Ryley had known Markham since he was admitted to Winterborne. He could not imagine having a different doctor.

As he finished the drawing, Ryley looked up at the man. "They are the same." He admitted, his face completely blank. "I see them even now." Doctor Makham began writing in his notebook, the one that he used solely for Ryley. "And the voices?"

Ryley actually seemed hesitant to reply to the man's question. "Ryley, these are all things that I need to know. You know this. I thought we were going to be completely honest with one another?" Ryley looked down, pulling another piece of paper to him and began drawing once again. "I's..just hard. I know that you don't believe me. That's why you keep prescribing me all these pills." Ryley paused, taking a deep breath. "But, to answer your question, they are the same as well."

Doctor Markham began writing once again. Silence soon drifted out and around them. Ryley allowed it, suddenly feeling the very same things that he felt every time they met together. "The medication that I have you on is not working. That much is clear. I had been so sure about this combination. We'll just have to keep trying. I know that we can find something that will help you..I think.."

Ryley suddenly looked up at the man. "There is no help for me. Even if you somehow manage to 'cure' me, as you put it, my family wants nothing to do with me. I'm here for the rest of my life. You know it. I know..hell, everyone knows it." Ryley said, finally standing up from his seat. The other man in the room stood as well, straightening his suit. "You should not think so negatively, Ryley. We would not be trying to help you if there was no hope in you ever leaving this place. I know what you were told when you first arrived. I was there, remember? I don't think you tried to kill your family because you wanted to. It was the visions and their voices. Without them, I'm confident that you would be perfectly safe to let back into society. I'm going to change your prescription. We'll see if there is any improvement with the change."

He said nothing more to the doctor. Ryley merely nodded. Suddenly, two orderlies appeared in the room. One on each side of him. "Until our next session." The older man said. Ryley nodded before he was led out of the room. They made their way through the halls. Ryley thought about all of the things that he'd talked to Markham about over the past five years. Nothing had helped him. He knew that the man was trying and he had to give him credit for sticking with him for so long.

He doubted that anything would ever 'cure' him and he was honestly okay with that. He'd grown used to seeing the dead and hearing their voices when he was young. Not seeing them would probably be shocking and he was truly unsure if he could handle it. They came to a set of double doors that were kept locked. One of the men that was escorting him signaled for a guard to unlock them.

They exited the building only to enter into a recreational area. Ryley loved being outdoors. He always looked forward to it. The orderlies left him then. There were many other patients outside already. He made his way over to a empty bench and sat down. He pulled his legs up, sitting indian style. Markham had given him a book to read though Ryley did not understand why. However, he'd not had a decent book in at least three years. He opened it, his eyes looking down at the words. Perhaps the man hoped that by reading the long book his 'visions' would go away. Ryley chuckled to himself at the thought. It truly didn't matter the reason.